Hickory Creek Farm

Beautiful classic gentlemen’s southern ranch located less than an hour north of New Orleans. The ranch is a terrific mix of towering pines and hardwoods, creek bottoms, agricultural lands and open grasslands. Traditionally operated as a quail hunting ranch, the ranch also boasts great whitetail deer, turkey, dove, waterfowl and bass fishing. There is a wonderful classic home overlooking the lake, with barns, horse stalls, dog pens, managers house and other improvements.

Location:             The ranch is located 7.5 miles east of I-59, northeast of the town of Caesar, MS. The entrance is located on a paved County Road.

Habitat:            Hickory Creek Farms is truly a remarkable diverse property that encompasses a myriad of terrain among rolling hills including over 60’ of elevation changes with several creek bottoms and hilltops that have great views of the surrounding countryside.

Approximately half of the ranch is in more open grasslands dotted with large oaks. These areas were traditionally used for growing row crops to advance the quail population. Much of this part of the ranch had recently been put into CRP lands, but all of the CPR Contracts have either matured or will be going out of CRP in the coming months. Currently most of the grasslands are in native prairie with a mix of native grasses. The majority of the more open areas have a fine sandy loam soil type.

There are approximately 200 acres of 17 -19 year old Slash Pine trees that have been thinned once. These stands are scattered around the farm in sections ranging from 5 acres to 40 acres to increase the feel of diversity on the place. There are also still a good number of native Longleaf pines scattered throughout the ranch ranging from ancient to young pines.

Several creek bottoms dissect the ranch and are covered in a variety of hardwoods including several species of oaks, ash, birch, and other varieties.

Wildlife:            As mentioned earlier, this farm was built around quail hunting and the mix of open country, thinned pine areas, and thicker bottoms continue to make this excellent quail country. Plenty of ponds, lakes, creeks and drainages keep water well distributed for the birds. There are also been established stands of Lespedeza on the property to further provide a food source for the birds. The farm traditionally has used a mule drawn “quail” carriage (the trained mules are still part of the farm) and horses with specialized saddles for handling dogs while hunting.

Deer populations on Hickory Creek Farms are excellent and virtually no hunting pressure has been put to the animals in years. . The habitat on the ranch includes plenty of thicker sanctuary areas to allow for deer to hide out, and benefit from a diversity of native browse.

The turkey population is outstanding with large numbers of these birds utilizing the mixed hardwood bottoms and open pastures which create an outstanding ecosystem for them to thrive.

Dove hunting can be excellent on the ranch, and traditionally the owners of the farm have planted several fields of grain to attract the birds and have had outstanding hunts for their friends and families.

There is a large wetland unit that holds great numbers of waterfowl in the winter along with the bass lake, and the creek holds good numbers of wood ducks and mallards.

The lake is stocked with bass and bluegill and provides excellent fishing for all.

Hickory Creek Farms was built and designed around managing for wildlife. No cattle have been kept on the ranch and interior fences have been removed with no gates to drive through on the ranch.


The main home is an old style “beach” pier construction house built on hill overlooking the large lake. The home .is 5,438 square feet and includes 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths. The dining room and den are great rooms with two story ceilings surrounded by large windows with a fireplace in the middle of this great room. The back of the house facing the lake is surrounded by a beautiful screened in porch. While old, the home has been well taken care of and makes a wonderful family gathering place.

The manager’s home is a 2-bedroom home located near the main house and is 1,360 square feet.

The main compound overlooking the lake includes a tennis court, swimming pool and a newly renovated gazebo.

North of the main compound is the Quonset hut and attached shed that encompass 2,770 square feet under roof which is utilized as the equipment and work buildings.

Down closer to the lake is a smaller shed, horse stalls, and dog pens. This compound area is fenced in to hold the horses and mules. The horse stalls includes several tack rooms to hold specialized quail hunting saddles and tackle for hauling the quail cart.

Water:            Water wells are used as a source for water in the homes and barns. Groundwater is shallow and of excellent quality.

An older 10 acre fishing lake is found below the housing compound and is surrounded by large oaks and generally crystal clear. This lake is stocked with bass and bluegill for fishing and has a nice pier extending out into the lake. In addition to the lake there are several smaller ponds scattered around the property.

A 20-acre “wetland” was developed along Hickory Creek that provides an excellent wildlife and duck hunting area. It was designed with a deeper borough area that generally holds water year round to produce aquatics, and a larger flat that can be used to plant grains to flood in the wetter winter months with 18” of water.

Hickory Creek runs for 1.5 miles through the center of the property. This creek runs for most of the year, and even during dryer months will generally hold water. Along with this creek there are several smaller creeks running through the property in several areas that provide pockets of water for wildlife.

Other:   This property is on this site as a marketing cooperation agreement with Fay Ranches.   This property is co-listed between Fay Ranches in arrangement with a licensed Mississippi broker.

Additional Information: a 1,521 acre ranch is for sale on the northern boundary of Hickory Hill Farms which would allow a buyer to put together almost 3,000 acres in this beautiful area of Mississippi.

Price:            Asking $ 4,903,500 ($3,500/acre)

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