La Perla Viejo Ranch

Description: La Perla Viejo Ranch: TROPHY DEER, TROPHY BASS, DUCK & GOOSE HUNTING and BOWHUNTING. The La Perla Viejo Ranch is 1,001 acres out of the original La Perla Ranch, which once over 20,000 acres. The rolling topography, elevation changes, and water, make the ranch an unusually oasis in the desert, so to speak. The ranch is covered with the South Texas brush that deer hunters seek. It is improved with a house, bunk-house, and accompanying support facilities. It also has several lakes and ponds. The main lake is up to 50 acres in size.

Recently there have been several outdoor shows filmed on the ranch. Shows and superstars such as Dave Watson of Matthews TV, Hank Parker of Hank Parker Outdoors and Hank Parker 3D, and Jimmy Sites of Spiritual Adventures Outdoors. As a top sporting destination, outdoorsmen from all over the country have come to the La Perla Viejo Ranch to enjoy its unique opportunities to hunt deer, quail, waterfowl, varmints, and to fish in its incredible main acre lake. There are several other lakes and ponds as well as wildlife water stations on the ranch. The ranch has been intensely managed since 2005, with a major focus on archery hunting. The owner brought South Africa to South Texas, with its a unique in-ground boulder blinds. The blinds are designed to blend in to the surroundings and to put trophy whitetail deer at eye level.   Bowhunters, will be intrigued by the accompanying pictures. There are five of these blinds on the ranch, along with four rifle tower blinds, and five hog proof feed stations. Each feed station is equipped with both corn and protein feeders. An extensive system of roads and make every corner of this ranch accessible.

Habitat: The ranch simply has the best deer brush South Texas has to offer. This is a great environment to keep maintaining the native trophy deer herd. The pictures tell the story.

Location: The ranch is located in northern Zapata County, not far from the Webb County border and approximately 18 miles south of Laredo, Texas.

Size:              1,001 acres +/-

Price:             $1,896,895.00 ($1,850/Per Acre)

Improvements: The main house is a 2010 three bedroom, two bath Palm Harbor home. The home sits on a concrete slab, and is covered by a metal roof protective shed.  There is also a bunk-room, perfect for offer flow or separating the party. The house and bunk-room are complemented by a Jacuzzi that sits on the huge concrete patio overlooking the eight foot fire ring and main lake. There is also a screened-in outdoor kitchen that sits between the main house and bunk-room. The connecting drive through barn serves as additional storage for both equipment and vehicles. There is also a new walk-in cooler and deer cleaning station as part of the facility. Water for the house is treated by a reverse osmosis system.

Water: The ranch has no shortage of water. Water is drawn directly off the Rio Grande River and distributed to the La Perla Ranch. An eight-inch water line feeds the largest of the tanks at a rate of 500 gallons per minute. There is also a two-inch water line that fills the other two lakes and supplies water to the house and concrete wildlife water stations.

Electricity: Electricity is provided by the Medina Electric Cooperative.

Wildlife: The ranch offers trophy whitetail deer, hogs, javelina and lots of waterfowl. The other aspect that you cannot over look is the trophy bass. Big bass in a big lake!! The main lake has been stocked with F-1 Florida bass and has consistently produced bass over 8 pounds, with some as large as 10 pounds!

The deer herd has been intensely managed and under high fence for twelve years. Recent surveys have shown a 1 doe to 1.5 buck ratio. The ranch has been feeding protein feed for 12 years. There is also a flourishing population of both Bobwhite and Blue quail on the ranch. This population is roughly 75% Blues and 25% Bobwhites.  The ranch is ready to hunt and fish. Just bring you weapons and rods.

Income: There is the possibility of future income from a Wind Energy Project. There are minimum financial guarantees and maximums on windmill coverage. The possible future income is negotiable.

CONTACT: John Wallace

PHONE: 361-442-1001



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