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Belknap Creek Ranch

958 +/- Acres    ·    Montague County, Bowie, TX    ·    $2,107,600 (Asking Price) - SOLD
The Belknap Creek Ranch is a truly unique North Texas spread. A spectacular amount of plant and terrain diversity makes every part of this ranch exciting to explore. The Belknap Creek Ranch is positioned in a unique geographical setting where the Cross Timbers give way to the Rolling Plains making it hard for visitors to believe they are less than 1.5 hours from DFW. The abundant wildlife have access to one large, and two smaller, tree-lined creek systems running through the ranch. Rarely can you find such a wild, beautiful and wildlife-rich North Texas ranch so conveniently located. Minerals are available with an acceptable contract.

Location: The Belknap Creek Ranch is located off Highway 81 between Bowie and Ringgold, Texas near the intersection of Western Cross Timbers and Rolling Plains ecoregions. The ranch is approximately an hour and fifteen minutes northwest of Ft. Worth and an hour and forty-five minutes northwest of Dallas. The ranch has large-acreage neighbors positioning it in the center of huge undeveloped area. The Red River is 7.5 miles north of the ranch.

Terrain and Habitat: You truly get the feeling that the Belknap Creek Ranch looked very similar 500 years ago as it does now.  The elevation ranges from about 820′ in Belknap Creek to a touch over 900′ on the hills. Expansive vistas you expect from much farther west are nicely complimented by lowland creek habitat rich in all sorts of cover and forage for wildlife. Healthy stands of native grasses (little bluestem, side oats, big bluestem, etc.) provide great forage for cattle as well as cover/forage for wildlife. Pecans, oaks, soapberry and hackberry are scattered throughout the central portion of the ranch and along the creek systems. Tesajillo cacti, also known as turkey pears, are a surprise to see right next to pecans and post oaks. This contrast truly speaks to the diversity of the ranch’s habitat.

Wildlife: Montague County is known to hold large bucks. Furthermore, Rio Grande turkey, quail and plenty of varmints make there home on the Belknap Creek Ranch.

Grazing: The grazing system that has been in place for over 10 years on the ranch has undeniably had a tremendous positive impact on the available forage for both cattle and wildlife. A very astute range manager has been employing an intensive grazing method, which more closely mimics the impact herds of roaming bison would have had on the range 500 years ago than a continuous grazing method more commonly used. High intensity grazing combined with very long rest periods has produced some amazing results on the ranch.

Local Information/History: This part of Montague County has a rich history of legendary cattle drives, Indian raids and the stuff right out of an old western. The section of Highway 81, which borders the ranch, was originally paved with sand from a pit that had enough gold in it to make the road shimmer—as indicated by a historical marker just across the road from the ranch. Another interesting fact is that Belknap Creek, which is the main creek on the Belknap Creek Ranch, served as a natural boundary to drive thousands and thousands of cattle across into Oklahoma Territory at the Red River Station—just a few miles north of the ranch. The cattle would be driven into a natural funnel between Belknap Creek on the west and Salt Creek on the east as the last leg of the fabled Chisholm Trail in Texas.

Minerals:  Minerals are available with an acceptable contract.

Taxes: Assessed at an agricultural valuation.


Agent(s): Jonathan Trantham--Agent
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