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Quigley Springs Ranch

7,700 Acres    ·    Teton County, Choteau, MT    ·    $11,000,000

The Quigley Spring Ranch, approximately 7,700 deeded acres, offers modern-day people a rare chance to walk the paths of history while gazing at an awe-inspiring canvas of nature.  Rolling, verdant grasslands peppered with glacier-carved hills and small valleys, strike an incredible contrast as they merge with the base of the majestic Rocky Mountain Front.  While on this ranch, you can still see evidence of its colorful history, and you will be tempted to listen for echoes from the past.  Old buffalo wallows dot the landscape, creating images in your mind of the huge herds that once roamed there.  Along the ancient Sun River waterway, located in the northwest section of the property, teepee rings still mark the earth. Native Americans once lived along the shore to take advantage of the plentiful wildlife for sustenance and trading opportunities with the Hudson Bay Company for tools and arrowheads. Geological rock formations, now commonly called Buffalo Jumps, but known to the American Indians as Pishkuns, provided unique hunting techniques.  You will also find pictographs on this land, and the present owner says he has found dinosaur bones.

The original homestead foundation still exists, and its history is interesting as well.  Around the time of the industrial revolution, the local people decided they needed a physician.  Back then life on the Front was difficult and actual money was hard to come by, so it was decided that the doctor would be paid by gifting him the Quigley Ranch as a source of income and future payment for medical services.   The doctor lived there for several years and developed a love of horses.  As automated equipment came into play, tractors were used on the farms and horses became obsolete, posing a financial burden for those who kept them.  People began slaughtering them for market.  The old doctor couldn’t bear to let the horses be killed, so he rescued them and soon had a large remuda of 300 to 400 horses. When the herd spooked and bolted, dust clouds could be seen from miles away.   
At the heart of the Quigley Spring Ranch is the Pishkun Reservoir, which boasts thirteen miles of shoreline and supports a healthy ecosystem.  This reservoir is known for its fish population, aggressive northern pike, massive rainbow trout, and Kokanee salmon.  The salmon offer an exciting angling experience for people of all ages, due to their scrappy fight once hooked.  The ranch surrounds the reservoir on three sides, allowing ranch residents to ride their horses to the waterfront.  Rolling grassland dotted with hills, spring fed meadows, and incredible vistas create habitat for large game and upland game birds.  Mule deer, pronghorn antelope, and elk frequent the property.
      7,700 +/- deeded acres.
      Excellent grazing pasture with exceptional hunting opportunities.
      Less than 30 minutes to Choteau and Augusta and approximately 75 minutes to Great Falls.
      Conservation easements allowing three building envelopes.
      Excellent building sites.
      Numerous enhanced springs for stock water.
      Perimeter is fenced.
      Adjacent to Pishkun Reservoir


Agent(s): Fay Ranches
(406) 586-4001