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Galona Ranch

1,570 Acres    ·    Duval County, Realitos, TX    ·    $3,885,750

The Galona Ranch is a proven quail producing property with plenty of old growth brush and stripped areas of native grasses in southern Duval County just east of Realitos.  Deep sandy soils dominate the ranch with tall old growth brush and native grasses.  Groundwater in this part of the County is very good and high flow rates can be easily achieved for excellent water wells.  With great deer, excellent quail country and great grasses for cattle operations, the Galona Ranch is a great diverse property.  Excellent roads, good fences and well distributed water make this fine ranch a great hunting property for deer, quail, turkey and dove plus lush grasses for cattle.   It is also located in the famous red sand portion of Duval County known to be excellent quail habitat.


Location: the Galona Ranch is located 1 mile east of Realitos, Texas and 12 miles northeast of Hebbronville.  The ranch includes a half mile of frontage on pave highway 716 and access off of County Road 265 off of highway 716.


Habitat: The Galona Ranch is located in the South Texas Plains ecoregion and is dominated by fine sandy red soils which make up approximately 75% of the property.  The remaining 25% of the soils are mixed clay soils along Macho Creek and several smaller drainages and some caliche and gravel hills.  700 acres of the ranch is large native brushland of old growth that creates excellent whitetail habitat dominated by mesquite, granjeno, black brush, acacias, prickly pear, condalia, guajillo, and hog plum as well as other varieties. It is classic South Texas deer habitat at its best.  The remaining 870 acres of the ranch has been stripped to promote native grasses for improved quail country leaving old growth brush between strips for protecting quail.  These areas have outstanding quail hunting developed to work dogs in front of quail trucks in motted country.  Along the creek frontages are stands of trees such as live oak, cedar elms, persimmons and hackberries offering further excellent shelter for wildlife.  Large bull mesquites also dominate these areas proving the deep rich soils.  The overall property has rolling terrain with over 40′ of relief.


Wildlife:  The primary reason the current owner put this ranch together was to create excellent bobwhite quail country. There has been an active and ongoing program to sculpt much of the brush into mottes to allow for grasses to grow and create excellent habitat that can be traditionally hunted in quail trucks with dogs. The majority of the ranch has the fine sandy loams that grow excellent stands of grass to allow the quail to flourish.  This ranch has a proven record of producing outstanding hunts and very high density of gentleman bobs.  

The white-tailed deer on the property are abundant. It has been managed under the MLDP Conservation Option which offers the opportunity to work with a TPWD biologists to improve habitat and benefit from a customized harvest plans and extend the hunting season. The entire ranch is low fenced and deer hunting pressure has been minimal, as the management has mostly concentrated on harvesting management bucks and does. The age distribution is excellent on the property.  Turkey are abundant on the ranch and it is also located in an outstanding dove hunting area with plenty of grain grown in the vicinity.  Both mourning dove and white-wing dove are found on the ranch. 

Water: the Galona Ranch has  excellent groundwater.    There are two electric water wells , one solar well and one windmill, all in good working order.  Water lines have been extended in certain areas to be sure the water is well distributed.    The groundwater in this part of Duval County is excellent and is sourced from the Gulf Coast Aquifer. The drilling depth of the multiple water wells range from 300 to 400 with most water depths found between 65 and 100. All wells produce 50+ gallons per minute, and the opportunity to drill high volume wells exists in this area.  There is ample water to run an irrigation well and small pivot if one would like.


Improvements: No vertical improvements are on the ranch.  There is a good set of cattle pens, 4 separate pastures with excellent fencing, and a good road system.  Electricity is available in multiple places on the ranch.

Minerals; Surface sale only.  There are no wells currently on the property.

Other: This ranch is co-brokered with Dan Kinsel Ranch Sales, LLC.


Agent(s): Jeff Boswell, Partner/Broker Associate
(713) 304-8186
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