Turkey Pen - Monroe County, Vonore, TN

Nestled amid some of the oldest mountains in the world, the creeks and basins of Turkey Pen harbor an incredibly rich ecosystem. The Little Tennessee River is designated as a Native Fish Conservation Area, containing more than 100 species of native fish, 10 species of native mussels and a dozen crayfish species. Turkey Pen consists of 3,233± acres, bordered by the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, Cherokee National Forest and the TWRA. Turkey Pen truly bridges the Smokey Mountains and is a one of kind property. Three mountain ranges come together here, The Great Smokey’s to the north, the Cheoahs to the east and Unicoi mountain range to the south, which remains one of the most primitive, undeveloped areas in the eastern United States.  The name Unicoi comes from the Cherokee word that means white. It refers to the low-lying clouds and fog that often drape the Southern Appalachian Mountains. The nearby Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness and the Citico Creek Wilderness make this area a truly wild place. The water frontage on Chilhowee Lake along the Bolden Knight Bluff is very special and has excellent access. The Little Tennessee River starts in Northern Georgia and gathers waters from the Tuckasegee and Tellico Rivers and Citico Creek, contributing to the diversity of Turkey Pen. Principal Broker: William B. Cooper | (615) 427-1146 | wcooper@fayranches.com


  • 3,233± acres
  • Over 12 miles of interior roads
  • 7.5 miles of maintained trails
  • 3.4 miles of county road frontage
  • 4,000 feet of lake frontage
  • A mature forest encompasses most of the property and timber information is available per request
  • Managed by professional forester since 1998
  • Bordered by the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, Cherokee National Forest and the TWRA
  • Turkey Pen is situated between Atlanta, Chattanooga and Knoxville
  • Nine-bedroom rustic lodge with kitchen and dining hall, accessed by a wooden covered bridge
  • Rustic barn with horse stalls
  • Historic Happy Top Church is a one room church and cemetery
  • Electricity and telephone services are available along Mt. Pleasant Road
  • Learn more about this property, its investment potential and information about the area in the Property Brochure.


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Turkey Pen

Monroe County, Vonore, TN

3,233 Acres