Carancahua Bend Ranch - Matagorda County, Sargent, TX

Huge development potential combined with exceptional duck hunting and saltwater fishing situated less than 90 miles from Houston’s Galleria are the key components of this extraordinary property. Sargent Beach on the Gulf of Mexico is a few minutes' drive away, or boat out of Caney Creek to East Matagorda Bay and/or the surf off Matagorda Peninsula on calm days to chase trout and redfish. This tremendous opportunity exists within a short drive from the fourth largest city in the country and the 7.1-million-person Houston MSA, the second fastest growing MSA in the country.

Key Attributes


The ranch is located immediately across Caney Creek from the town of Sargent, approximately 2 miles west of FM 457 with blacktop access to the gate. 

Topography, Rangeland & Habitat

The land of Carancahua Bend Ranch transitions from higher coastal grassland prairie on the northern end of the ranch into more saltmarsh acreage that is tidally influenced in the central portion of the ranch, and finally into the tidal flats that make up the southwesternmost portion of the property.

Although generally flat prairie, a naturally occurring higher ridgeline follows the west bank of Caney Creek, which forms the east border of the ranch for approximately 3.9 miles (+20,500 linear feet). On the opposite bank lies the town of Sargent, lined with river homes.

The southernmost border runs approximately 1.5 miles along the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and the northeast end of East Matagorda Bay.

Surface water on the ranch varies from sweet water “sennabean” ponds on the northern end to the brackish potholes and saltwater flats to the south. One major water feature is a +55-acre horseshoe lake tidally fed by Caney Creek.

Mesquite, cedar elm, and hackberry are the predominant trees along the creekbank and on the higher ridges. A +15-acre mott of mixed hardwoods and mesquite contains trophy live oaks, and would make a fantastic park amenity for a community. 


A ranch with a diverse waterfowl habitat and proximity to the big waters of the bay produces excellent duck hunting. Everything a duck needs is here—food, water, and rest areas! Bluewings, greenwings, gadwall, widgeon, pintail, and canvasbacks call this area their winter home, along with an assortment of divers.

Thousands of acres of undeveloped, large-ranch coastal marsh and prairie surround the Carancahua Bend Ranch. The 54,000-acre San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge lies approximately a mile to east of this ranch, providing long term habitat for the waterfowl and other migratory birds that frequent the area. The 4,500-acre Big Boggy National Wildlife Refuge is a little over 5 miles down the ICW to the west.

East Matagorda Bay has a long and well-deserved reputation for producing some huge speckled trout for serious waders, not to mention plenty of redfish and flounder. Nighttime fishing under the lights on the creek can be incredible! Better pack a fishing rod along with your decoys when the tides are big.

Deer, hogs, alligators and varmints also make this ranch their home. 



This is a working cattle ranch, complete with everything it takes to raise beef in this part of the world. Fencing, dispersed water wells and troughs, loafing sheds and a top-notch set of pens are all present. This ranch is primarily utilized as late fall through early summer pasture. Predominant forage is saltgrass and sachahuista, which has been well managed via periodic controlled burns. Typically the ranch will support approximately 700 head on this seasonal grazing basis. *Approximately 225 acres are under the same fence with the owned property, but leased from third parties (see aerial and ask brokers for details).


Water for livestock is shallow, coming from the Gulf Coast Aquifer. Six water wells and associated troughs are spread across the ranch.


Electricity runs a short distance onto the ranch from the adjacent subdivision and currently terminates at the pens. Fiber is located at the ranch entrance. 


There is no active production or leases on the ranch. Per Railroad Commission maps, there is only one pipeline impacting the ranch, located at the extreme northwest fence line. A portion of the owner’s minerals may be available with an acceptable offer. 

Area History

The majority of this ranch has been under the same family ownership for over 100 years, with a few additions over the
years. Since 1917, W.D. Cornelius and descendants have run cattle on this unique piece of land that is still a part of their ranching operation. The evolution of the area has provided the opportunity for a new owner to transition this property to a more valuable use, but over a century of ranching history will remain, and likely continue, over much of this acreage. 


Carancahua Bend Ranch

Matagorda County, Sargent, TX

3,236± Acres