Bridgeport Ranch - Wise County, Bridgeport, TX

The Bridgeport Ranch is a hunter's paradise located just minutes from Bridgeport, Texas and represents the rare opportunity to own a large ranch within an hour of the DFW metroplex. The 2,221-acre property has been in the same family since the 1930s and boasts an abundance of wildlife with conservation at the forefront. It is located in the desirable area of fast-growing Wise County where development and population numbers are booming so it is also attractive for investors with a vision of future development.


The ranch is located in southwest Wise County on FM 920 between Bridgeport and Stringtown and is also accessible from County Road 3655. It is 25 miles north of Weatherford, and about 35 miles from either Denton or Fort Worth.

Topography, Rangeland & Habitat

The ranch has both flat and undulating terrain and is comprised largely of wooded areas with natural openings that hold native grasses. The vegetation is thick throughout portions of the ranch, with a mix of live oak and mesquite trees creating phenomenal bedding for wildlife. Some sections have been thinned, while others have benefited from a controlled burn.


There is an abundance of deer and turkeys found on this ranch with a very high success rate shared among hunters. The ranch has been enrolled in the Texas Parks and Wildlife MLD program since 2018 and this has created some of the best deer hunting imaginable in this part of the state. Each year, 150+ class deer are harvested from this ranch and in 2017 there were an estimated 400 deer on the property.

The ranch has been in the harvest option for 4 years; last year, the ranch adopted the conservation option. Last year the biologist recommended the harvest of 30 deer (11 bucks and 19 antlerless). Because of the MLD program, hunters are allowed to harvest deer starting before the regular state season starts and after it ends.

Feral hogs are also found on the ranch but due to management efforts the numbers have decreased significantly. Due to the ranch’s proximity to Lake Bridgeport, the waterfowl hunting remains consistent each year. The most common ducks found on the property are gadwall, widgeon, teal, pintail, mallards, and ring necks. The dove hunting is good, with consistent birds each year.


The main roads on the ranch are paved with a caliche road base, providing easy access around the ranch. Most trails are cleared and accessible by four-wheel drive, with others needing a UTV/ATV to access. Most of the perimeter fencing on the ranch is in working shape. On the north side of the ranch, there is a 1950 1,247-square-foot house and while the house is currently not livable, it is structurally sound. There is electricity to this location.


The ranch has a total of 8 ponds located across the property as well as multiple seasonal creeks which provide good habitat and a few excellent locations for the creation of a duck marsh. The 2 largest are about 4 acres and have consistently held water even through droughts.

The ranch sits over the Trinity Aquifer where most well depths are around 200 feet and produce an ample amount of water. The ranch has 3 water wells on the property and 2 of them are on the north side of the property near the older house. The condition of these two wells is unknown. The third is a solar well in the middle of the property at 260 feet producing over 10 gallons per minute.

There is a 16” waterline on FM 920 (Walnut Creek Special Utility District) that should be considered for future development potential.


There is electricity to the house.


Minerals are not included. There is active production on the ranch with the operator Scout Energy. The main service roads are maintained by this operator.


The ranch is classified in 1D1 status with a wildlife exemption.


There is a 138 KV overhead power transmission line owned by Oncor that runs on the southern portion of the property and there are also buried natural gas pipelines owned by Enlink Midstream Services present on the property.

Bridgeport Ranch

Wise County, Bridgeport, TX

2,221± Acres