Brennan Vineyards - Comanche County, Comanche, TX

Nestled on 4 acres of the pecan studded Indian Creek in Comanche, lies one of Texas’ most well-respected boutique wineries, Brennan Vineyards. The Brennan Vineyards estate encompasses a state-of-the-art winery, event venue, historic tasting room, and storage facility. With a laundry list of awards to its name and a future brighter than ever, Brennan Vineyards is ready for its next chapter. This fully operational, award-winning and profitable operation is ripe for growth and has the team in place to ensure its new owner can be as involved or uninvolved as they prefer.

All equipment and inventory will be conveyed providing a turnkey operating winery and revered wine brand. With a robust wine club, exciting event lineup, and steady visitation from locals and tourists alike, Brennan Vineyards is a measured investment. Since its founding in 2001, a focus on quality and consistency has remained. You’ll see this dedication throughout the property and the feeling you get when you drive through the gates.

Key Attributes


Brennan Vineyards is located at Highway 16 and Pecan Avenue in Comanche, Tx. 


The Historic McCrary House 

The Historic McCrary House was built in 1875 by James Madison McCrary, who not only owned the local general store and cotton gin, but also served in the Minute-Men Rangers and later the Frontier Battalion. In 2005, the building was retrofitted to become the tasting room and gift shop for Brennan Vineyards. While the interior has some new finishes, most of the house is original down to the roof.

The Austin House

The Austin House was constructed in 2005 as the main event venue for Brennan Vineyards. At 9,000 square feet, this beautiful Austin Stone building is prime for events of almost any variety. From weddings to wine dinners and everything in between, there is limitless space indoors and out serviced by a commercial kitchen to wine and dine hundreds of guests.

The Winery

The magnificent Winery was constructed in 2005 as the location where the grapes take shape. Everything happens here, fully furnished with top-of-the-line wine-making equipment from fermentation tanks to bottling and labeling. The winery encompasses 4,500 square feet of beautifully finished interior comprising of the bottling room, tank room, dining room, office, and loading docks. 

The 5,000 square foot storage barn is climate controlled and used to store mainly bottled wine. The barrel cellar is located underneath the Austin House. Although the basement is lined with aging barrels, most guests do not know the room even exists. Although it serves as an aging cellar, amazing private wine dinners and wine tasting take place in the romance of the room.

Area History

In 1997, The Brennans purchased the historic McCrary House in Comanche, Texas. This beautiful rock house was built in 1879 and is one of the oldest homes in west-central Texas. This purchase was followed by the acquisition of 33 acres adjacent to the McCrary property, and in 2002 a vineyard was established. They completed the Winery and Austin House in 2005, and they were officially producing. Today Brennan Vineyards has three buildings on its campus, The McCrary House Tasting Room and Gift Shop, the Winery, and The Austin House Events Center. 

When Brennan Vineyards was formed in 2001, the commitment was to make world-class wine from Texas grapes or, as our motto says, Sophisticated Wine with Texas Roots.”  

Brennan Vineyards has thirty acres of grapes and grows ten varieties of vinifera or old world” grapes. The varieties were chosen because of the Texas climate and its challenges. Brennan also purchases grapes from some of the top growers in west-central Texas and the Texas High Plains. While early efforts have been quite reasonable, the best is yet to come!


Well respected wineries are only as good as their team. Brennan Vineyards has assembled a world-class group that is dedicated to producing fine Texas wines and giving best-in-class experiences to their visitors. Winemaker Todd Webster has been with the brand for thirteen years and has created some of the best wines ever made in the state. New to the team in 2021, is Jean Hoefliger, consulting winemaker based in the Napa Valley. Jean makes wine all over the world (Napa Valley, Sonoma, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Bordeaux) and has multiple 100-point and countless 95+ scores to his name. With his expertise and Todd’s Texas experience, Brennan Vineyards’ commitment to producing world-class wine is in good hands. Dave Bryant leads operations as General Manager. Dave is a Napa Valley native with experience managing top wineries. He relocated to Texas in 2019 and is also GM of Texas Wine Collective (formerly 4.0 Cellars) in Fredericksburg. Dave is continuing to improve the operations at Brennan Vineyards and pushing the team to achieve lofty growth goals. Nicole Adams, Tasting Room Manager, handles the day-to-day and leads our small team of dedicated professionals that strive to create memorable experiences for visitors. 


With full-time winemaker Todd Webster, Brennan Vineyards has received countless awards, including but not limited to

  • The first Texas winery to win a Double Gold for Texas appellation wines at the 2015 San Francisco International Wine Competition
  • The first-ever Winery to receive the International JudgesSelection for Top Texas White at TEXSOM Competition in 2017.
  • The first-ever Winery to receive the International JudgesSelection for Top Texas Red at TEXSOM Competition in 2017.


Brennan Vineyards can host large weddings, private dinners, live music events, and intimate wine tastings. The staff at Brennan’s is always thinking of significant events to bring wine enthusiasts from near and far. They host a ticketed event at least every month. This may include live music or be a large format dinner with wine pairing. One of the local favorites is to come to Brennan’s for a glass of wine, then head to the highly-rated fine dining restaurant Harvest.”

A significant portion of revenue is generated from the events that Brennan’s can host. 

Brennan Vineyard is located halfway between DFW and Fredericksburg. Many guests make Brennan Vineyards a must-stop on their way to Fredericksburg. This is an ideal location due to the Winery not having a local competition. 


Brennan Vineyards is true to its roots as a Texas-grown operation. Their highly sophisticated wines and the grapes that make up their wine are produced at their home vineyard or sourced and hand-selected from established growers in the state. There are currently 20 wines produced under the Brennan Vineyards and Austin Street labels. Under the watchful eye of Todd and Jean, Brennan Vineyards’ commitment to producing the best wine possible will continue to be a staple of its success. 

  • Super Nero 
  • Austin Street Red
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Carignon 
  • Comanche Rose
  • Ellas Pine
  • Lily
  • Mistelle of Semillon
  • Mourvedre Dry Rose
  • Portejas
  • Reserve Buffalo Roam
  • Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Reserve Graciano
  • Reserve Malbec Dry Rose
  • Reserve Semillon
  • Roussanne

Brennan Vineyards

Comanche County, Comanche, TX

4± Acres