Cinco de Mayo Ranch - Jim Hogg County, Hebbronville, TX

The Cinco de Mayo Ranch is a premier wildlife property located in northwestern Jim Hogg County, Texas. The ranch consists of 3,973+/- acres about 11 miles west of the town of Hebbronville. This eco-region is famous for its unsurpassed bobwhite quail habitat, and Cinco de Mayo Ranch hosts the ultimate combination of wild bobwhite and native white-tailed deer populations. Hunters have harvested free range white-tailed bucks with antlers scoring in the range of 180-190 inches gross Boone and Crockett. The ranch is well watered for both livestock production and wildlife management. Adequate, yet modest, improvements can be found at the headquarters.

Location: The Cinco de Mayo Ranch is located on the north side of FM 3073 about 11 miles west of Hebbronville, TX. in northwestern Jim Hogg County and stretching northward to just over the Webb County line. The southern boundary of the ranch includes about 3.4 miles of frontage on paved FM 3073.

Wildlife & Habitat: 

Flora: The terrain at Cinco de Mayo is top-tier wildlife habitat. The ranch is located on the western edge of the fabled “sand sheet” that many biologists call the finest Bobwhite quail habitat on the planet – open and rolling terrain with native bunch grasses and scattered brush – perfect for pointing dogs. On Cinco de Mayo, the soil is transitioning from fine grain sand found to the east; to the red sandy loam that is more common in Webb County to the north and west. This transitional “edge” habitat is highly prized for wildlife. The eastern half of the ranch is more open quail country. The western half consists of thicker brush with great diversity – all of the iconic chaparral species like Granjeno, Guayacon, Guajillo, Kidneywood, Persimmon, and Brazil are present in abundance. Native Texas grasses like hooded windmill, pink and whiplash pappusgrass, two and four Flower trichloris, hairy grama, and many others provide excellent quail habitat.

Fauna: Virtually all native South Texas wildlife species can be found on the property. Big, native white-tailed bucks and exploding coveys of bobwhite quail steal the show. Mourning and white-winged doves migrate through the area in the thousands, and the surface water provides great dove shooting. Javelinas, coyotes, bobcats, etc. are all here in healthy populations. Numerous massive bucks have grown to older ages on the ranch, and trophies are allowed to reach full maturity prior to harvesting. Body weights on mature bucks can reach 200+ pounds on the hoof prior to the rut. The ranch is enrolled in Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s Managed Lands Deer Program (aka MLDP) under the conservation option providing for extended seasons and tailored harvest and tag issuance.

Water: Wildlife and livestock water is provided by 5 water wells that serve large troughs and overflow wildlife waterings. In addition, there are numerous shallow water wells located across the property that were associated mineral activity decades ago that may be able to be outfitted with low volume solar pumps to create wildlife oriented water features. The sellers have successfully done some of these on the portion of the parent ranch located south of the highway.

Improvements: Improvements at the headquarters include several modest ranch homes used by ranch personnel and hunters, with electricity and water, in addition to working pens, several outbuilding and dog kennels.

History: The Cinco de Mayo Ranch is the northern portion of the Las Animas Ranch (aka Rancho de las Animas), which dates back to the Las Animas Land Grant (sometimes known as the Alberca de Abajo Land Grant) from the early 1,800’s. The current owners’ family have owned and operated the ranch since the early 1930’s.

Minerals: This is a surface only sale. There is very limited production on the ranch at this time.

Income: The fenced out gas operations facility on the western perimeter of the ranch provides a significant income stream to the sellers and that lease income will convey to the new owner. Call for more information.

Cinco de Mayo Ranch

Jim Hogg County, Hebbronville, TX

3,973 Acres