Glick Ranch - Brooks County, Falfurrias, TX

Located less than 20 miles south of Falfurrias off of Hwy 281 lies the Glick Ranch, a terrific “sand sheet” ranch that has great quail and deer hunting, fantastic groundwater, infrastructure for cattle operations and fine accommodations.  This high fenced property also comes with an exotics pasture, two pivot locations (one pivot)  and water distribution system all over the property.


Location: The ranch is located eighteen miles south of Falfurrias at the dead end of County Road 304 just west of Encino.  The west side of the property has .7 miles of frontage on County Road 309.   The Brooks County Airport is less than 23 miles from the ranch entrance.

Topography, Rangeland & Habitat

The Glick Ranch is located in the South Texas Plains ecosystem in the middle of the sand sheet and is primarily grasslands with mixed brush, mesquites and oaks.  The ranch is almost entirely made up of Nueces fine sand and Sarita fine sand complexes.  This fine sandy soil is famous for creating what is likely the best bobwhite quail habitat in the entire country and the forbs produced in this country not only develop excellent seed banks for quail but also produce spectacular flowers in the spring.  There is a combination of live oak and mesquites found throughout the ranch with majestic oaks dominating portions of the ranch creating beautiful scenery and excellent turkey roosts. 

Portions of the ranch have thicker brush creating great deer habitat, while other portions of the property are more open Mott country excellent for running dogs for quail.  Besides the oaks and mesquites, other brush species on the ranch include hog plum, guayacan, acacias and black brush.  All creating excellent cover and food sources for the native wildlife.

The majority of the property has tall native prairie grasses including primarily bluestems and paspalums.  In and around the pivots there is primarily coastal bermuda grass. 

Good clay can be found beneath the sand sheet for creating lakes and ponds.


The deer hunting on this high fenced ranch is fantastic with a carefully managed deer herd that allows excellent aging of trophy deer and manages a 1.5 to 1 doe to buck ratio.  Multiple large bucks were observed by us during visits to the ranch and 170’s deer are annually taken from the property.  The deer are well managed to create these trophies and prove the native genetics. 

The ranch is located in the heart of some of the best quail country in the U.S..  The naturally motted portions of the property create excellent habitat for quail with about half the property open enough to run quail rigs and dogs.  Some thicker brush portions of the ranch have been sprayed to kill mesquite and will be available for creating even more quail country by running a fire through those portions.

Turkey are abundant on the ranch.  There are many huge live oaks all over the ranch which provide excellent roosting cover necessary for these majestic birds.

The dove hunting here is superb with most hunting taking place at the multiple small ponds located around the ranch.  The existing pivots used for growing Bermuda grass now could easily be put into growing dove fields to further enhance the dove hunting.

There is a 1,000-acre high fenced pasture within the ranch that currently holds multiple exotics and whitetails.  These exotics can either be purchased by the Buyer or be removed prior to finalizing the sale.

Several of the lakes on the property have catfish and bass stocked for fishing.


There is a housing compound that is anchored by a lodge with combination dining room/den/kitchen centrally located and six rooms accessed outside of lodge along a covered porch on the back.  Each room has its own bathroom.  The lodge has a covered bbq pit behind it overlooking a small lake with fish and a fire pit.

Also in the compound are three nice mobile homes that are well done for more sleeping areas and a cooler/storage area.

Closer to the entrance is the managers home, and there are several barns and cattle catch pens around the property.  There is extensive interior fencing for rotating cattle, and two high fenced food plot areas on the ranch with access to water.



There are two irrigation wells located on the property run by direct drives.  The main irrigation well produces over 900 gpm and is used primarily to run the pivot system (one 1,200’ string) used on two pivot fields that make up approximately 240 acres under pivot total.  The second irrigation well produces over 300 gpm and is currently not in use.

Four more water wells are placed around the ranch and water lines are run throughout the ranch to both ponds and watering stations.  There are also several unused drilled wells that could be put into production including a large diameter borehole that could be put into a third irrigation well.  Ground water here is plentiful and most wells are 350’ to 500’ deep.

There are currently six ponds located around the ranch with four of them having water added by water lines. 


There are two electric lines that run into the property.


No minerals are available with the sale of the property.


The property currently runs its own cattle operation.  The cattle could be purchased separately to stay on the ranch or removed depending on the wishes of the Buyer.

Glick Ranch

Brooks County, Falfurrias, TX

3,780 Acres