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Lavaca Prairie Ranch - Jackson County, TX

Excellent Texas Cattle Ranch in northern Jackson County between Victoria and Edna.  This ranch is primarily open rangeland with sandy loam soils and a mixture of Bermuda and native grasses.  The ranch has multiple pastures with new fences and water lines.  Excellent groundwater and ranch has good groundwater, lots of deer, quail, dove and hogs as well as being in an outstanding waterfowl region.


Location:             The gated entrance is approximately 12 miles northwest of Edna on paved County Road 127, three miles from FM 822.  Access to ranch is on a 60’ fee simple strip with gravel road.


Topography:            The ranch is basically flat with no flood plain.  Most of the property was previously in a rice/cattle rotation with defined agriculture fields.  There is approximately 70 acres of old growth Live Oak trees and brush.  Most of the fence lines have Live Oaks growing along fences. Exterior and multiple interior fences are all new or refurbished and with new gates.  There are currently 14 separate pastures on the ranch for cattle rotation.


Wildlife:                        The ranch has abundant quail, dove, deer, hogs and waterfowl.  Neighbors have recently established wetland units that are teeming with ducks and geese.


Improvements:       All fencing is new or refurbished.  Interior roads on the ranch are generally in very good condition.  Water lines and troughs are established in all pastures.  There is one set of cattle pens on the ranch.  The entire ranch has been sprayed and fertilized.  There is a new equipment barn on the ranch.


Water:                        There are three water wells (two solar and one electric) on the propertyThe groundwater on the ranch is excellent with the water table generally 80’ to 100’ down.  Neighboring ranches have irrigation wells with production in excess of 2,500 gpm.  Drainage canals on the ranch keep drainage on the property excellent.


Electricity:                        Electricity is available on the property.


Minerals:                        None, there is one operating gas well on the southwest corner of the property that is accessed from a back gate.


Other:                        Currently there are 66 bulls, 242 cows,, 220 unweaned calves, 58 weaned calves and 58 unbred heifers.  These are Bonsmara cattle, the most popular breed in South Africa selected for growth, fertility and functional efficiency.  There is also a large array of heavy equipment, all available as a separate sale with the land.

Lavaca Prairie Ranch

Jackson County, TX

2,451 Acres

Property Sold
Mar 7th, 2013