Goliad 3550 Ranch

Goliad County, Goliad, TX

3,549+/- Acres


This historic ranch is being offered for sale for the first time in over 100 years. With over 2 miles of spring-fed Sarco Creek, the Goliad 3550 is a diverse mixture of c...

Shouse River Ranch

Goliad County, Goliad, TX

2,079 Acres


  The Shouse River Ranch is a true heritage property being part of the historic O’Connor Ranch established after the Texas Revolutionary War. The ranch is a di...

Goliad 3550 North Ranch

Goliad County, Goliad, TX

1,526± Acres


This fertile 1,526 acres is being offered out of the Goliad 3550 Ranch. Traditionally known as the Beef Pasture it affords incredible habitat full of native grasses for q...

Spring Creek Ranch

Goliad County, Goliad, TX

920± Acres


This fantastic Goliad County Ranch is located in the live oak country south of Goliad, Texas. The ranch is dominated by fine sandy loam soils with extraordinary native g...

Bauer Ranch

Goliad County, Goliad, TX

789 Acres


Bauer Ranch is a beautiful South Texas cattle and hunting ranch. There is brand new perimeter fencing and cross fencing with galvanized T-posts, six-inch wood posts and g...

Shouse 1,000 Ranch

Goliad County, Goliad, TX

1,018 Acres


The Shouse 1,000 Ranch is a large contiguous property just 10 miles southeast of Goliad and is one of the best examples of the coastal tallgrass southern prairie left in ...

Prairie Oaks Ranch

Goliad County, Goliad, TX

265 Acres


The Prairie Oaks Ranch is approximately 265 acres of light brushy prairie habitat that includes a mixture of good brush, open areas, and oak mottes.  The Ranch is lo...