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J Fly Loose Ranch

984 Acres    ·    Lavaca County, Speaks, TX    ·    $4,475,000 - SOLD
Likely one of the best hunting ranches located less than two hours from Houston on the market today, the J Fly Loose Ranch is a turn-key premier property loaded with huge oaks, great surface and groundwater, and outstanding improvements. Hunting opportunities abound for deer, hogs, turkey, duck, dove and predators on this beautiful ranch, plus multiple lakes offer fine fishing for bass, catfish and sunfish.


Location:             The ranch is located in southern Lavaca County between Halletsville and Ganado. Access is off of a caliche County Road just west of Speaks, Texas.


Habitat:            The ranch is located at the fringe of the Coastal Prairies and Post Oak Savannah eco-regions of Texas. This unique location creates a mix of live oaks, post oaks, burr oaks along with multiple other hardwoods. The US forestry service has done a survey of this ranch and estimated it contains over 30,000 of adult oak trees. Much of the understory is cleared out and creates plenty of opportunities for being able to see under the canopy. Still plenty of other areas have heavy brush to create good cover for game.


                        While most of the ranch is heavy forest, there are plenty of opened pastures in multiple areas covered in native grasses, including several fenced off food plots of five acres each.


                        Soils are primarily sandy or sandy loam with good clay underneath for the ability to create great lakes and ponds. There is about 35 feet of topography on the ranch and only the portions of the ranch along the two creeks are in the floodplain.



Wildlife:            The White-tailed Deer are well managed on this low fenced ranch that is under MLD 3 designation to create an extended hunting season and additional deer tags. Excellent age structure, sex ratios and antler quality have been developed through proper management. The J Fly Loose Ranch is surrounded by other large ranches, that also manage the deer in cooperation with each other to further improve the herd. Six protein feeders are utilized during drier times on the ranch, but the native plants usually provide plenty of good browse for the deer.


With the several creek bottoms on the property, and the abundance of oaks, there is a very good turkey population on the ranch. Dove hunting can be very good, particularly if any of the food plots are utilized to grow sunflowers or millets. Plenty of hogs and predators including coyotes, bobcats and foxes are found on the property.


                        Duck hunting is outstanding on the property, with multiple small lakes and one large wetland project on the ranch. While this ranch is heavily wooded, the area is surrounded by agricultural fields and known for its tremendous waterfowl.


Fishing is great on the ranch, with four stocked lakes with bass, catfish and bream. The lakes all have fish feeders and provide for great entertainment for kids as well as the adults.




A 7,500 square foot lodge with garage was built in 2013 overlooking one of the fishing lakes and a large grove of live oaks that has been cleared underneath for beautiful views off of the back porch. The home has three bedrooms with full baths that sleeps twelve people. A large kitchen with gas (propane) stove overlooks a living room and dining room with plenty of space for the crew. The large outside covered porch includes a full outdoor kitchen, large screen outdoor television, and gas fireplace. The barn has a game cleaning station, large walk in cooler, secured gun closet and plenty of room to store ATV’s and trucks.


Next door to the lodge is a 3,200 square foot equipment barn that is fully enclosed and was built in 2014.


There is a separate three bedroom trailer with a nice fenced yard for overflow for guests or as a ranch managers home.


There are multiple blinds, corn feeders and protein feeders on the ranch that will convey with the sale.


The exterior fences are all in good condition and the roads on the property are in excellent condition. This ranch is very easy to get around even when wet.


Water:            This area is well known for having very good groundwater that is shallow and of excellent quality. There are currently five working water wells, and several more capped water wells that could be put into service. Four of the water wells are electric and one is serviced by a large solar panel.


                        There are three fishing lakes on the property and one eight acre wetland unit for waterfowl. All are supplemented by the water wells so that they can remain full even during droughts.


                        1.2 miles of Hardy’s Sandy Creek make up much of the eastern border of the property, and Bear Branch Creek runs through the middle of the ranch.


Electricity:            Electricity is found at various places throughout the ranch.


Minerals:            Surface only, none of the mineral estate is owned by the Seller. Previous old gas wells on the property have all been plugged and there is no active production on the ranch. All of the old well sites have had the gravel pushed into large rock piles for future use on roads by owners and the areas have been returned to lush native grasses.



Agent(s): Jeff Boswell
713 304-8186
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