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Alan Ritchey Farm & Ranch

11,000± Acres    ·    Bryan County, OK    ·    $38,342,000 (Asking Price) - SOLD

This diversified farming and ranching operation, located on the Red River in Bryan County, Oklahoma, is now being offered for sale.  This active enterprise consists of an exceptional working irrigated row crop farm, pecan operation, silage operation, grazing lands and an active sand pit.

Location: The operation is located near Yuba, Oklahoma on the Red River just north of Bonham, Texas. Access to the property is generally off of Hwy 78.

Farming: 5,574 +/- acres are currently farmed; primarily planted in corn, soybeans and winter wheat.

Irrigated: 3,530 +/- acres are irrigated row crops
Whole Corn (Average Yields = 180-210 BPA)
Soybeans (Average Yields = 60+ BPA)
Wheat (Average Yields = 70+  BPA)
Acreage above includes 250 acres of irrigated pecan orchard containing 8,200 trees planted in February of 2007, 2008 and 2012.

Dry Land: 2,044 +/- acres of non-irrigated farmland in row crops:
Whole Corn (Average Yields = 145 – 150 BPA)
Soybeans (Average Yields = 40 – 50 BPA)
Winter Wheat (Average Yields = 60 – 70 BPA)

Native Pecans located in Rangelands: There are approximately 1200 native pecans on the property that are included in annual harvest (last 4 year’s average annual yield ~80,000 lbs.)

Water and Irrigation:

Average Rainfall: 40-44 inches per year.

Surface Water from Red River and/or Brown Creek:

1) South Pump Station (3,950 acre feet of water rights):
3—50 HP pumps in river

Pressure to pivots:
3—94 HP sub. pump @station
1—75 HP centrifugal pump
3—55 HP sub. pump

2) North Pump Station (2,275 acre feet of water rights):
1—94 HP sub. pump @ Brown Creek
1—20 HP centrifugal pump @ Brown Creek
1—55 HP sub. pump @ Brown Creek

Pressure To Pivots:
1—75 HP vane pump
1—75 HP centrifugal pump/
1—50 HP centrifugal pump
1—40 HP centrifugal pump

Groundwater (2,465 acre feet of water rights):

8 Irrigation Wells:

1) Older Wells-

#66 Well                        50 FT depth            500 GPM             Diesel Powered

BROWN CREEK            50 FT depth            200 GPM            Diesel Powered

#81 WELL                        50 FT depth            200 GPM            Diesel Powered

#53 WELL                        50 FT depth            250 GPM            Diesel Powered

2) Newly Established Wells –

ALLISON                                      50 FT depth            400 GPM            Var. Speed Electric

EAST ’07 PECANS                      50 FT depth             400 GPM            Var. Speed Electric

WEST END ROW 131                 50FT depth                         Not in Service

ROW 55 NORTH WEST             50FT depth                        Not in Service

Dairy Effluent: 5 of the pivots are permitted to use effluent water from a nearby dairy operation.

Distribution: Approximately 10 Miles of underground water lines are in place for the pivot systems and the pecan orchards all have underground sprinkler lines from shallow water wells.

Irrigation: 18 Pivots: Ranging in size from 105 to 200 acres.

Ranching: Approximately 5,828+/- acres are in improved rolling pastures primarily used for livestock grazing and some hay production. Currently running a conservative cow/calf herd with ~650 cows. Manager feels there is capacity to grow herd significantly. There are multiple ponds, small lakes, creeks and water wells located throughout the rangeland.

Sand Operation: The diverse enterprise also includes a major sand harvesting operation from the Red River. Operation was started in 2005 and has grown significantly since inception. For the first half of 2013 the sand operation has grossed $2,335,145 with an EBITDA of $903,216. Product is screened and graded for sale into markets for the local area.

Other Improvements:

Elevators: Elevator 1: 76,000 Bushel Capacity Bins; One 4000 BPH LEG; 6,000 Bushel Wet Bin w/Delux Grain Dryer
Elevator 2: 21,600 Bushel Capacity Overhead Bins w/ 4,000 BPH LEG; 120,000lb. capacity truck scale (10’X70’)

Fuel Storage (covered): One 12,000 Gallon Tank and one 18,800 gallon tank

Silage Bunkers (Concrete Construction): Total Capacity of 52,000 tons  (4 concrete bunkers: 2 @ 15k tons capacity and 2 @ 8k ton capacity)

Underground Utilities: Miles of 3 phase power is laid underground throughout the farm.
Multiple farm houses, barns, livestock/domestic water wells, fencing, storage sheds and 6 sets cattle working pens are found throughout the property. 

Rolling Stock and Equipment: The farm and ranch rolling stock and related equipment currently used by the seller are not included in the asking price; however, it is available for purchase separately. The heavy equipment, rolling stock, etc. used for the sand operation is included in the asking price and will convey.

Management and Operations: The farm and ranch operations are managed by 1 Farm/Ranch Manager and 9 other full time employees. The sand operation is managed and staffed separately.

Additional Information: Additional information including financial information, further operational data, equipment  lists, etc. will be provided to qualified buyers and subject to the execution of a non-disclosure agreement.

Price: Asking $ 52,342,930 ($4,507/acre) for entire farm & ranch including the sand operation. Sand Pit alone asking $14,000,000 on approximately 627 (187 acres in riverbed) acres. Farm/Ranch without sand pit operation asking $38,342,930 ($3,432/acre).

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Agent(s): Bryan Pickens
(214) 552-4417
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