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Compadres Ranch

5,000 Acres    ·    Brooks County, Falfurrias, TX    ·    $16,250,000 (Asking Price) - SOLD
The Compadres Ranch, a true legacy quail hunting property is being brought to the market for the first time in over 70 years. Located squarely in the middle of the “sand sheet” in deep south Texas, the ranch has the climate and soils that arguably create the best conditions for bobwhite quail in the entire country. In addition to the outstanding quail hunting, the deer, turkey and dove hunting are excellent on this ranch. The property includes a beautiful hacienda style lodge nestled in the middle of many century live oaks which tower over the main compound.

Location: The ranch is located seventeen miles west of Falfurrias and the Brooks County Airport on a paved county road. Delft

Topography and Habitat:

The ranch consists of rolling sandy to sandy loam well drained soils which support the excellent habitat and consistently provide for the awesome quail hunting. The tallgrass prairie is dominated by native grasses such as seacoast bluestem, paspalum, indiangrass and big bluestem along with diverse forbs thriving in the sandy soils. The country is accented with primarily live oak motts along with some mesquite and plum motts. The ranch’s topography has over 80’ of relief with great views across the ranch from some of the higher country.

80% of the ranch is dominated by the native grasslands with motted trees and brush, while the other 20% has somewhat heavier brush and trees although it still has excellent native grasses quail habitat. This ranch provides a great combination of varying degrees of cover that create the diverse environment supporting wildlife populations across various periods of differing rainfall.


The bobwhite quail is the focus of the Compadres Ranch. Although this is considered the best natural habitat for the bird without any additional management, discing and water distribution are practiced on the property for maximizing the quail population. The ratio of brush/trees to native grasses is ideal for the consistently for supporting the quail populations on the property across all weather patterns that are common in south Texas.

White-tailed deer are abundant on the ranch and the animals are managed to keep a diverse age range of the deer. Several blinds and feeders are set up around the property and the herd is in excellent shape.

Turkey are abundant on the ranch. There are many trophy live oaks across the ranch providing excellent roosting sites necessary for these majestic birds.
The dove hunting here is superb with most hunting taking place at the multiple small ponds located around the ranch. True old style waterhole dove hunts are the ticket on the Compadres.

Nilgai are just now migrating up to this ranch. Evidence of a small herd is obvious on the ranch and likely their numbers will continue to grow here as they have done further south.


There are 5 working windmills on the ranch and four wells equipped with electric submersible pumps providing excellent distribution of water on the ranch. The groundwater is from the Gulf Coast Aquifer which is widely available on the property. Most of the wells are between 100’ – 150’ deep with the potential for higher volume wells with slightly deeper drilling.

Seven (7) ponds, all of which can be filled from the water wells, are present on the property. All make excellent dove hunting ponds, as well as excellent sources of water for both wildlife and cattle. Waterfowl are common during the winter months on the larger of these tanks.

Baluarte Creek runs through the middle of the property, holding water during very wet times.


Hacienda Compadres is the main home on the ranch located near the center of the property and surrounded by majestic century live oaks. The grounds are irrigated with St. Augustine grass and the property sits on a small ridge overlooking Baluarte Creek and a small stocked lake. The Hacienda is 4 bedroom and 4.5 bath home surrounding a newly resurfaced swimming pool; the entire home is surrounded by a wall making a lovely compound for entertaining family and guests.

In the main compound area there are a small guest home, barn/equipment shed and a five stand trap range.

Closer to the entrance is the manager’s home; further north on the ranch is enclosed barn along with working pens.


The Compadres Ranch is next door to the almost 15,000 acre Palomas Ranch which Republic Ranches also has for sale and both could be purchased together to have an almost 20,000 acre quail ranch for a new owner.

No minerals are available with the sale of the property. There is no production on Compadres Ranch.

There are several electric lines running through the property with excellent access.


Agent(s): Jeff Boswell
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