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Double D South

127 Acres    ·    Bee County, Berclair, TX    ·    $533,400 (Asking Price) - SOLD
What an address! MINERALS AVAILABLE through reversionary interest with adjacent production! This 127 acre property is located just south of Hwy. 59 just past Berclair. The ranch is mostly covered in brush with strong populations of deer, turkey, quail and dove. With quail strips and a well-fed tank, this property is maintained with bird hunting in mind. Quail and dove are all abundant in this area and have been managed on this family owned and hunted ranch for the past 20 years.

Location: The ranch is located three miles south of Berclair and eleven miles north east of Beeville with the entrance being two miles south of 59, on Cobb Webb Road.

Habitat: The Double D Ranch is located in the South Texas Brushland and is primarily mixed brush and mesquites and huisache. All of the soils in this area are sandy or sandy clay loam, which are key to providing exceptional wildlife habitat. While the majority of the property is mixed heavy brush, there is a good understory of strong native grasses.

Wildlife: The Ranch is maintained with an emphasis on dove and bobwhite quail. The entire ranch is well suited to maximize both grazing and recreational hunting habitat. It has been owned by the same family for decades and only hunted by the family. Bobwhite quail populations remain strong with limited hunting pressure and brush management via quail strips. Populations of turkey are a common sight on the ranch. Dove hunting on the ranch is supported by a small pond and much of the adjacent property is in agriculture attracting thousands of doves to this area. The pond is kept well mowed to make it ideal for classic tank hunting and larger mesquites are left in place around the pond to make for landing areas.

Water: This ranch sits over a very good aquifer and has excellent shallow groundwater. There is one pond serviced by a solar powered well.

Electricity: Electricity is accessible at the north end of the property.

A portion of the minerals are available for negotiation with the sale through a reversionary interest. Pending no further Oil and Gas development, the interest will revert to the sellers on October 27, 2019.

Price: Asking $4,200 per acre ($533,400).


Agent(s): Jeff Boswell
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