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BAR Ranch - Milam County, Rockdale, TX

The BAR Ranch is conveniently located in Central Texas in between Rockdale and Milano. This area of the State has seen tremendous growth in the past 5 to 10 years with many people wanting land that is close to College Station and Austin but far enough to be in the country.

The property has been used by its current owner as a weekend retreat with many of those weekends being filled with family reunions, boy scout adventures and camping trips.  

As you can see by the map the property was purchased in 3 different transactions. The owners purchased the first tract that abuts HWY 79, after a few months they loved the area and wanted more land. The property is now 285 acres.


The BAR Ranch is right in the middle of College Station and Austin, for a family divided this would be the perfect location. The main entrance is located off of HWY 79 3.5 miles from Rockdale. Austin is a short 60 mile drive as well as College Station. Houston is 142 miles to downtown and 108 miles to Katy.



The BAR Ranch is located in the diverse Post Oak Savannah region of Texas, with massive post oak trees located in the fertile soils of the hill tops and water oaks located near the dry creek beds. There are some wild plum trees scattered throughout the ranch. Live oak trees scatter the ranch on many of the hill tops. The ranch is 80% thick timber with the remaining being fertile fields scattered with native grasses, it is hard to miss the stands of native blue stem in these fields.



There are 2 homes on the property. One being used by the family on a weekend and the other is for guests and family reunions. The main home is 4-bedroom home with a large common area for cooking dining and discussing the days activities. The Lodge has 3 bedrooms with 2 baths and a large common area for gatherings. The ranch is mainly high fenced with a small area around the home not being high fenced. There are a set of deer breeding pens located on the ranch with deer ranging from 150-220 SCI.



Dry Sandy Creek runs through the ranch providing great habitat for wildlife. The ranch has 1 1/4 “ PVC piping water to multiple areas on the ranch to provide water for wildlife. There is a water well at the home located off HWY 79.


The ranch has whitetail, hogs and many species of birds. The owners have released some of the whitetail from the pens into the ranch to enhance the genetics of the ranch.

BAR Ranch

Milam County, Rockdale, TX

285 Acres

Property Sold
Jan 31st, 2018
$1,781,250 (Asking Price)