Harper Valley Ranch - Freestone County, Fairfield, TX

This high-fenced hunting and fishing ranch has all trophy elements of hunting and fishing packed into one secluded and easy to maintain crown jewel property! It is conveniently located between Dallas and Houston, just east of I-45 and north of Fairfield, Texas.

Topography, Rangeland & Habitat

This ranch has very appealing topography, with rolling terrain and over 60’ of elevation change. It has rock roads to navigate easily and two entrances. The primary entrance features a stone and pipe entryway with automatic gate and keypad, and a modern concrete bridge engineered with steel beams, peers and rails. The secondary, back entrance is a caliche road established via deeded easement through a neighboring property.

There is a 2 ½ acre leveed duck marsh with water controls that is supplied by over 2,000 ft of pipe from the water well to manage levels. A 7 acre dove field area is set up properly for sunflower or milo planting. The range is mostly mature hardwoods, with about a third of the ranch in open fields and pasture. To top it off, there are over 50 mature pecan trees that produce a substantial crop each year.

There is a 2 ½ acre soft release pen with water.



This ranch is high-fenced and has been under active wildlife management for the last 12 years. The results of this management are multiple harvests of 200”+ Boone and Crockett whitetail deer and multiple 200”+ deer are still in the herd along with trophy deer of various and balanced ages. Excellent dove and duck hunting and trophy bass are all part of the package.


The fishing program is unparalleled with an 8 ½ acre trophy lake that has been stocked with Florida strain bass from the famed Camelot Bell, where 10lb plus bass are to be expected. This lake has a 60 ft concrete boat ramp, a full fishing pier and multiple feeder piers around the lake to supplement the health of the fishery.


Barndo with Living Quarters

Approximately 600 sq ft air-conditioned living area, with a living room that includes bunk beds, sitting area, satellite TV and a full kitchen, a utility room, lockable closet, gun safe, full bath and a covered patio.

The barn is a 60’ x 40’ insulated metal barn with double overhead doors and automatic garage door opener. It has interior trimmed walls with work bench, pegboards and multiple storage shelves.

900 sq ft attached covered parking area attached to barn for tractors or vehicles.

300 sq ft attached covered wildlife cleaning station with hanging racks, automatic deer lifts, cleaning table and cold storage room.

Underground electricity at headquarters area. Buried predator wire underneath high fencing.

300-yard shooting range with covered bench and targets at 50, 100, 200 and 300 yards.


4 active deer blinds
10 1,000 lb. protein feeders
40’ fully ventilated storage container
90’ x 40’ covered hay or equipment storage area


Cottonwood Creek and Walnut Creek are key flowage systems that run throughout the middle and edges of this ranch and offer an excellent natural forage base. In addition to the 8 ½ acre lake, there are 6 additional ponds ranging from ½ acre to smaller wildlife ponds. In addition to the 7 lakes and ponds, there is a 500-foot water well with a 25 gpm flow rate. The well includes a 120-gallon reserve tank and covered well house with electricity. Water lines have been run from this well to the leveed duck marsh as well as various other locations around the ranch for supplemental water. There is an additional water well that has been drilled but is currently unused.

The lake is fed by over 250 acres of water runoff which creates tremendous water flow into the lake. The lake has a 22 inches of pipe spillway and a 66 ft wide emergency spillway.


The seller does not own any minerals. There is some production and all traffic for well monitoring vehicles comes in from the back gate.

Harper Valley Ranch

Freestone County, Fairfield, TX

327± Acres