Bannon Ranch - Lee County, Lexington, TX

The Bannon Ranch is positioned in the central region of Lee County, Texas, enjoying a prime location between the bustling urban centers of Austin and Houston. The ranch showcases an exquisite landscape adorned with thriving mature hardwoods
and undulating topography. With its impressive road frontage, the property holds immense potential for future development or subdivision, making it an appealing prospect for investors. Presently, the ranch excels as an exceptional recreational property, offering a wide range of leisure activities. Notably, the land’s favorable topographic characteristics render it ideal for constructing a substantial lake, enhancing its allure and possibilities even further.


The property is located in Lee County, Texas, a mere 3.2 miles Southeast of Lexington. Accessible via CR405, the property has approximately 620 feet along CR405, further complemented by a substantial frontage spanning approximately 1.77 miles on a newly constructed county road, tracing the eastern and southern borders.

Topography, Rangeland & Habitat

The ranch showcases a captivating natural landscape dominated by mature post oaks with yupon underbrush. With careful planning, the owner has thoughtfully cleared trails and opened up sections of the woods, offering both hunting opportunities and the enjoyment of the surroundings. The property’s gently undulating terrain is graced by beautiful draws that meander from the northeast to the southwest, presenting an ideal setting for creating a stunning lake.


The ranch teems with an abundant and diverse array of wildlife, with its hallmark being the flourishing population of White-tailed Deer. In addition, the property is home to various other desirable game species, including hogs, doves, ducks, and various small game.


Featuring a seasonal creek with a sandy bottom, the property offers the presence of clear flowing water during wetter months. Remarkably, the land presents an exciting opportunity to construct a substantial lake spanning 10-15 acres or a series of smaller lakes along the picturesque draw. Nestled within the southwest corner is an intriguing hill featuring exposed iron ore rocks and a charming pine tree thicket. This hill would make a phenomenal home site that would overlook the potential lake site. Moreover, the property already boasts a well-designed pond spanning approximately 1.35 acres, accompanied by a smaller pond measuring around 0.18 acres.


Conveniently, reliable electricity infrastructure is readily accessible along the new county road, thoughtfully situated on the eastern side of the property, ensuring a seamless power supply for all future needs.

Bannon Ranch

Lee County, Lexington, TX

393± Acres