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Lakes of Gibbons Creek - Grimes County, College Station, TX


Republic Ranches, LLC is excited to bring to market the incredible Lakes of Gibbons Creek Ranch. The ranch is a world-class and extraordinary example of natural resource and rangeland restoration undertakings over the course of several decades following an intense use of portions of the surface to secure lignite.  The resources (financial, engineering, scientific and otherwise) that were put to work on this restoration project have resulted in a 11,000 acre ranch with rolling rangelands of both improved and native grasses, heavily wooded bottomlands (and some hilltops) and incredible water features. These include 920 surface acres of water associated with the over 40 lakes and ponds, over 1.9 miles of Navasota River frontage, the namesake Gibbons Creek, numerous other creeks, wetlands and related riparian habitat all benefitting the wildlife that inhabit the ranch permanently or as part of annual migrations. 

Location:      The ranch is located ten miles southeast of College Station in Grimes County. The ranch has the following public road frontage: approx. 6,000’ of frontage on paved FM 244, approx. 15,000’ of frontage on FM 3090, approx. 9,000’ of caliche County Road 190 (both sides) and approx. 9,500’ of caliche County Road 190, approx. 1,250’ on paved FM 30, and approx. 2,300’ of caliche County Road 171.  Kyle field is clearly visible from high points on the ranch.

Habitat:        Approximately 5,700 acres of the property are rolling, reclaimed grasslands, including areas of native and improved grasses.  A minimum of 4 feet of select soil was distributed over this area, and the forage is strong, as indicated by the current stocking of approximately 2,000 head of cattle grazing the property.  Punctuating these grasslands are approximately 920 surface acres of lakes teeming with fish and wildlife within the property’s borders. 

Two primary areas of hardwood bottoms make up the bulk of the remaining acreage. Over 2,000 acres of contiguous, mature, Navasota River hardwood bottoms provide excellent habitat for the plentiful white-tailed deer and hogs that populate the ranch. A second contiguous woodlands area over 1,700 acres associated with the Gibbons Creek and Dry Creek watersheds accent the rangelands.

The restoration of the areas impacted by mining is primarily governed by the Railroad Commission of Texas and federal standards and have been conducted to a high standard. Over 3,500 acres were never impacted by the previous surface use and never subject to bonding, while over 6,700 acres have been reclaimed and fully released from bonding. Of the total acreage, only 321 acres remain under bond, and work continues to quickly meet the criteria to release these last few areas.  All soils and water have been exhaustively tested and the data reviewed in detail by the regulatory authorities prior to the formal granting of bond release by the Railroad Commission of Texas.

 Wildlife:         The property has outstanding deer hunting throughout large portions of the property, particularly associated with the thick bottomlands along the Navasota River frontage and along the Gibbons Creek riparian corridor.  It has been actively managed for deer through Texas Parks and Wildlife.  Legumes have been planted and managed specifically for promoting wildlife.  White/Yellow Sweet Clover, Crimson Clover, Hairy Vetch, Purple Vetch, Arrowleaf Clover, Elbon Rye, Oats, Little Bluestem and others have all been planted and managed over the years.

Waterfowl hunting on the multitude of lakes, wetlands and smaller ponds is amazing. One of the unique aspects of the property is the amount of waterfowl habitat that exists on the property.

Dove, hogs, alligators as well as predators are very common on the property.  The ranch’s diverse ecosystems are home (year-round or during annual migration) to all types of other animals, birds and of course, fish. Bald eagles and osprey are very common on the property.

Improvements: Few improvements exist on the property beyond excellent all-weather roads, engineered lake dams, low water crossings and new fencing. There is a small shop area where most of the maintenance is headquartered just off of FM 3090, one very old hunters’ cabin of little value, and a high load bearing bridge crossing Gibbons Creek that remains above water levels even when FM 244 is flooded.

Water:            Lakes of Gibbons Creek Ranch is so named because of the exceptional amount of surface water covering over 920 acres in over 40 lakes and ponds to be found on the property.  The water coverage on this ranch is more than the total acreage of all of Central Park in New York City. The list of lakes includes 8 lakes with over 50 surface acres and 11 lakes with 10 acres to 50 acres of surface water. Quite simply, there is a staggering amount of water is on this ranch.  All of the lakes were stocked with Florida Bass & Hybrids as well as forage fish such as Redear, Threadfin Shad and Coppernose Bluegill.

Of the larger lakes on the property there are two types; incised lakes which are long and very deep, created in conjunction with the mining process, and the more common embankment lakes which all are properly licensed and registered with the State.

The incised lakes are very long and deep, up to 70’ deep in some cases, and are generally fed from spring water and remain generally  at constant in depth. These are unique in that they receive very little runoff so remain crystal clear and have very little to no trees or brush in them. In four of the deeper incised lakes the water resource is owned by the surface land-owner and is not subject to state water rights, specifically including 5,000 acre-feet of water that are privately owned and can be marketed by the surface owner.  These deep clear lakes are great for fishing and also great lakes for other water sports such as water skiing and scuba diving with no impediments in the lake to avoid. The five largest of these lakes cover 228 acres of surface water (59 acres, 53 acres, 47 acres 35 acres and 34 acres respectively).  Another three of these types of lakes are also of significant size from 9 to 17 acres each.

The embankment lakes are tremendous fishing and duck hunting lakes. They are more traditional lakes with deep areas of flooded timber and shallow wetland areas that are perfect habitats for fish and waterfowl. Five of these style lakes on the property are individually over 50 acres covering over 382 acres of surface water (108 acres, 80 acres, 74 acres, 63 acres and 57 acres respectively).  All of these lakes are properly registered and licensed with the state (any lakes over 200 acre-feet of water must be permitted by the state to be built, which is a very expensive and exhaustive process). In addition to the big five, there are also lakes covering 37 acres, 36 acres, 30 acres, 22 acres, 21 acres, 17 acres and 13 acres.

Other water features include almost two miles of frontage on the Navasota River and four miles of Gibbons Creek (most of it on both sides). Plenty of smaller ponds, wetlands, and sloughs exist all over the property.  No water wells are currently being used on the property; however, groundwater is present in this area from 250’ to 550’ deep in the Yegua/Jackson aquifers.

Alternative Energy:  Of the roughly 11,000 acres comprising the property, we believe between 4,000 – 5,000 acres may be ideally suited for a 400 – 500-megawatt utility-scale solar and/or battery project. 

The property has the following solar and/or battery attributes:

                        1) Seller is a transmission service provider with participation in the ERCOT generation interconnection decision process.

                        2) Less than one mile from the retired Gibbons Creek Steam Electric Station and its open 345kV transmission line that feeds (2)                                                   345kV double circuit line 8 miles to the east and (1) 345kV double circuit line 10 miles east (both of which terminate in Houston power                                 load zone).

                        3) Close proximity to the Houston power load zone (less than 100 miles).

                        4) Relatively flat or slightly rolling terrain, well suited for construction.

                        5) Favorable location with few NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) community issues.


Electricity:    Electricity is found at various places throughout the ranch. 

 Minerals:      Lakes of Gibbons Creek Ranch is comprised of multiple tracts put together over many years.  With these properties being acquired individually, the mineral interests vary for each tract.  A few tracts have 100% of the minerals, while others may have none.  Currently on the property there are 14 well sites.  All wells are in the Austin Chalk formation and primarily operated by Magnolia Oil and Gas.


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Lakes of Gibbons Creek

Grimes County, College Station, TX

11,000± Acres

Property Sold
Dec 22nd, 2021
$75,000,000 (Asking Price)