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Glecker Whitetail Ranch - Lavaca County, Schulenburg, TX

Glecker Whitetail Ranch is one of the finest white-tailed deer breeding facilities located near Houston. The owners of the ranch visited multiple breeding facilities before embarking on designing and building their facility. No corners have been cut when designing or building this amazing facility. If you are wanting to start or expand your deer breeding operation look no further than this! 


The ranch is located on FM 223 just 6.2 miles from the Historic town of Schulenburg. The ranch has access on FM 223. From the ranch to town is only 8 minutes. 


These pens could not be placed in a better location for raising white-tailed deer. There is a gentle slope that provides ideal runoff for herd health. There are large oak trees scattered along the fence lines. Due to the roll of the property none of the whitetail pens are visible from the farm to market road. 


There is a water well on the property that provides water to the barn and pens. There is a small pond on the northwest corner of the property. 

Pens and Working Barn

20 pens total

-8 1/4 Acre

-7 1/2 Acre

-5 1 Acre +

( 5+ acres of optional pen space inside the perimeter fence)

Fawn Pens: 

4 Small bottle raising pens

3 large pens attached for weaning. 


-Deer Papa Chute / Scale / Ramp Box

– 20 X 7 Crowding room with 3 sorting rooms

– 8 Knockdown rooms. 

– 5000 Square foot barn. 

-70 X 20 overhang on front.

-50 X 100 over on the side. 

-Bottle raising room with 14 fawn boxes. 

-Cameras and TVs for each room in the barn. 

-Custom load out 

-20 X 20 Office. 

– 2 20ft containers for feed storage. 

Glecker Whitetail Ranch

Lavaca County, Schulenburg, TX

75 Acres

Property Sold
Aug 13th, 2022
$1,495,000 (Asking Price)