Grassy Creek Ranch - Grimes County, Navasota, TX

Grassy Creek Ranch is located in the southwest portion of Grimes County. The property has excellent recreational value for near-term use. Grassy Creek runs through the middle of the ranch. The wet-weather creek is lined with beautiful elms, sycamores, and oaks. This feature makes it teem with wildlife. Additionally, its proximity to the growing cities of Navasota and College Station gives it great potential for future development.


The ranch is located 3.65 miles southeast of downtown Navasota in Grimes County. The ranch has approximately +/- 4,640 ft of frontage on Highway 6 and +/- 1,680 ft of frontage on County Road 317.

Topography, Rangeland & Habitat

A majority of the woods on the property are large stands of elm thickets with scattered water oaks, cottonwoods and sycamores. The ranch has very little underbrush making it fun to explore the woods and making them great areas to bow hunt. It has a nice topographic overlook, and the high hill on the south side allows you to gaze upon much of the Grassy Creek bottom. The topography drops down into the Grassy Creek bottom, then rises again in the back northeast corner to another hilltop.


The white-tailed deer population is abundant across the ranch. Several arms of Grassy Creek run through the ranch; the habitat creates excellent conditions for abundant deer on the ranch. While exploring the sanding creek bottoms you can spot an abounding amount of wildlife tracks from white-tailed deer to bobcats, hogs and other vermin.


Grassy creek traverses through the northern portion of the ranch; it is a wet-weather creek with a sandy bottom. It has small pockets of water that hold in the creek for a few weeks after rains—a great place to explore with the family. Due to the topography and low-lying areas, there is excellent potential to develop a lake or wetland unit on this property for additional recreational value.


Electricity is found at various places throughout the ranch. 

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Grassy Creek Ranch

Grimes County, Navasota, TX

242± Acres