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Portón Ranch - Gonzales County, Flatonia, TX

The ranch is a blank canvas for someone that wants to turn a place into their own, with old-growth forest dominating the entire ranch. The property is conveniently located to Austin, San Antonio and Houston. Russell Hill is located in the middle of the ranch. 


The ranch is conveniently located to 3 major cities in Texas:

  • 117 miles to downtown Houston
  • 81 miles to downtown Austin 
  • 107 miles to downtown San Antonio 

The ranch is 8 miles South of Flatonia, just inside of the Gonzales County line and  has easy access off of I-10. The entrance is off of a caliche County Road 


The property is 90% wooded with trails cleared to access the property. Live oak and post oak dominate the fauna on the ranch with the underbrush consisting of mainly youpon and some juniper. The thick habitat is perfect for deer and other wildlife to thrive.  The property also has a lot of great topographic relief and several major drainages running through the ranch.


Whitetail deer and hogs are abundant on this property with great habitat scattered across the ranch.  A diverse number of songbirds are found on the ranch due to the thick wooded areas and drainages. 


The ranch has a water well and power located near the manufactured home. Trails have been cleared to access most of the property and there is a significant amount of fencing within the ranch to rotate cattle.


Two water well are located near the front of the property and two tanks a few hundred yards away. There are many drainages on the ranch that would be excellent for creating more ponds or lakes.                      


Electricity is found near the front of the property and at the homesite.


Property is currently “HBP”; however,  there isn’t any production on the ranch. 


Portón Ranch

Gonzales County, Flatonia, TX

374 Acres

Property Sold
Dec 23rd, 2020
$1,453,200 (Asking Price)