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Rancho Espirito South - Burleson County, Independence, TX

 Location, location, location. When purchasing real estate, buyers are always looking for the best neighborhood. Rancho Espirito is the epitome of the old adage as it is located in one of the most sought-after areas around College Station. Multiple ranches on County Road 434 are well over 1,500 acres and have been owned by the same families for generations. This ranch is uniquely located on a ridge overlooking the Brazos river bottom with College Station lying just on the other side. College Station and Kyle Field are clearly visible from several locations throughout the ranch. 


The ranch is located in Burleson county, only 22 miles from College Station and just over 90 miles from downtown Houston. 


Rancho Espirito South is located in the diverse Post Oak Savannah region of Texas, with huge post oak trees dominating the forest but also include live oaks, water oaks, juniper, elm and various other trees.  About 85% of the ranch is in thick timbers and heavy underbrush making for excellent wildlife habitat.  The ranch has excellent topography with over 100’ of elevation changes. The ranch has unique features such as deep canyons that have been carved out of the hillsides making extremely interesting terrain. (the ranch is under Wildlife 1D1 exemption).  


The ranch has a nice barndominium that is perfect for a weekend retreat. Lakes and ponds have been added to the property and all are stocked with largemouth bass and copper nose bluegill.   There is a nice set of cattle pens on the ranch.  


For the buyer looking to build large water features, this is the ranch. The ranch has 3 bodies of water ranging from over three acres to just under an acre. The terrain lends itself to further development of additional ponds and lakes. The neighbor across CR 434 has added nearly 30 ponds to their ranch.  There is one water well on the ranch  and it is located at the current home.


The ranch has an excellent White-tailed Deer population and of course has good hog hunting as well as good dove hunting coming from the agriculture fields just below ranch in the river bottom.  The place is also loaded with turkey as an added bonus.  With all the water resources, the duck hunting is great during the winter migration, and the lakes are all stocked with Large Mouth Bass and Copper-nose Bluegill and has an outstanding fishery.  


The current owners do not own any minerals.  The ranch does have designated drill sites that are located along the boundary to ensure that any new home built does not have to worry about future locations of well sites in the event it is drilled.  There is one old operating pad on the ranch but according to owners it is currently close to being plugged.

Rancho Espirito South

Burleson County, Independence, TX

284 Acres

Property Sold
Jan 31st, 2020
$2,257,800 (Asking Price)