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Brown Lake Ranch - Brazoria County, Danbury, TX

Key Attributes

NEW LOWER PRICE! The Brown Lake Ranch is an outstanding recreational property located just outside of the charming town of Danbury, 45 miles south of Houston.  The crown jewel of the property is Brown Lake, a 28 acre trophy bass fishing lake which can provide hours of enjoyment fishing for largemouth bass.  There is an older home nestled in huge live oaks, and a series of smaller ponds which can be utilized for growing fish or turned into excellent waterfowl hunting property.  There is also a nice hay pasture on the property.

Location:      The gate entrance is approximately one mile from the town of Danbury on County Road 438.  It is also located about 45 miles from downtown Houston.

Habitat:         This ranch offers a great variety of habitat in one small package.  The 28 acre lake borders Flores Bayou and that portion of the property surrounding the lake is primarily large oaks and elms.  Where the home is located, the property is covered by large live oaks creating a beautiful setting near the entrance.  The remainder of the property is dominated by multiple fish growing lakes and a large improved pasture hay field. 

Wildlife:         Brown Lake was stocked with a variety of “Florida strain” bass with genetics from Cuba, Alabama, and Florida in an attempt to create a superior fish that would grow to large sizes.  The lake also contains Blue Cats, minnows, sunfish and tilapia as forage for the bass.  Fish approaching 15 lbs have been caught in the past year.  This lake is unique for the area in that it has plenty of water 8′ – 12′ deep to provide extra protection for the fish and create an environment for growing super large bass.

                        The Lake and the working ponds attract a variety of ducks in the winter, and this area is known as a good waterfowl area with multiple hunting clubs and wetlands in the general vicinity.  The fish growing ponds could be utilized to create excellent duck hunting ponds to supplement the ducks that also use the lake as a haven.

                        Other wildlife includes deer and hogs, good dove hunting, and lots of amazing water birds including eagles and Ospreys.

Improvements:  There is an older home that is approximately 1,700 s. f. which has been remodeled and maintained in good condition.  It has two bedrooms, two baths and makes a great spot for spending the night on the ranch.  Towering live oaks surround the home and makes for a very peaceful setting.

A working shed/barn is located next to the working ponds on the property which has been historically used primarily as a fish handling facility.  It has a concrete floor and could be utilized for a variety of functions.

Eleven fish growing ponds are located on the property that have been used for growing bait fish, bass, and koi over the past years.  The ponds range in size from less than 1 acre to 3.5 acres.  All have access to well water and drains to properly operate.

Water:            A huge asset of the property is riparian water rights for pumping water out of Flores Bayou.  These rights are dated to 1984 and allow for pumping as much as 700 acre feet of water annually to keep Brown Lake full.  A new 12’ pumping station containing a 48 hp Kubota diesel engine provides access to the water.

   There are two water wells on the property, one smaller electric well is used for the home and working shed.  A larger 6” well is used for the fish farm and as another access to water for the fishing lake.  It pumps approx. 250 gpm with a 15 hp submersible pump.

  Flores Bayou is the western boundary of the property, and there is over 2,000 feet of frontage on the bayou.  This bayou generally runs year-round and runs into Austin Bayou downstream from Brown Lake.

History:         Brown Lake was built over 60 years ago originally as a storage facility for rice farming.  The lake was drained and completely redone about six years ago by the current owner to create a premium bass fishery, with islands, contoured bottom, and addition of more brush cover.  The lake was designed and managed by a well known fisheries biologist who continues to manage the lake today. 

   The fish growing ponds have been utilized for years to grow bait fish that were used to supplement Brown Lake, and to sell to outside parties.  This ability to create income would still be available to a new owner.  The fish ponds were also part of one of the most successful Koi farms in the nation and grew thousands of these fish for a very specialized market and sold products around the globe.

   The hay field is currently leased out for hay cutting to provide further supplemental income.          

Electricity:    Electricity is found throughout much of the property, and includes 3 phase service.

Minerals:      None available and there is no production.

Brown Lake Ranch

Brazoria County, Danbury, TX

76 Acres

Property Sold
Jan 22nd, 2020