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Twin Creeks Ranch - Lee County, Giddings, TX

Key Attributes

Twin Creeks Ranch is named for the diverging creek located at the north end of the ranch. At this point, Hickory Creek splits to create the Persimmons Branch. While Hickory Creek continues to meander down the western boundary of the property, the Persimmons Branch splits off, traveling southeast through the eastern portion of the property. Both of these systems act as natural highways for wildlife, while also lending themselves to hours of adventures for its explorers.   


The highest vantage point on the ranch is located in the southern portion of the property. It sits at 400 ft above sea level, allowing you to see for several miles north. The property gently slopes down toward the creek bottoms.  


The wildlife species that can be found on the ranch include whitetail deer, dove, and predators. 


Hickory Creek travels along the western border for approximately a half mile. Persimmons Branch is fed from the headwaters of Hickory Creek. It traverses through the eastern portion for approximately 1.32 miles before it exits the ranch. There are also 4 ponds scattered throughout the property for fishing and wildlife.


The ranch currently has a 100 x 40 ft metal barn with a slab floor. This could be used for a workshop or storage for large equipment. It would also be feasible to add living quarters to the interior. In addition to the large barn, there is an old cabin and old hay storage barn. 


Twin Creeks Ranch is located just a few miles northeast of the quaint, country town of Giddings, Texas. Giddings is known for its deep German roots and great BBQ. The county seat is located here, making Giddings the heart and soul of Lee County. The town still has the historic feel of the small railroad community it once was, while also having many modern amenities needed for your weekend excursions. Drive times are approximately 1 hour from Austin, 1 hour from College Station, and 2 hours from Houston.


Twin Creeks Ranch

Lee County, Giddings, TX

222 Acres

Property Sold
May 14th, 2018
$972,400 (Asking Price)