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Recassa Ranch - Leon County, Centerville, TX

Key Attributes

The Recassa Ranch, located in east central Texas, is a spectacular example of predominantly natural woodland, exhibiting a mix of Post Oak and East Texas habitats. This very private ranch was part of an original 20,000 acre property put together in the 1930’s. A trip to the ranch takes the visitor back to an earlier time with diverse species of towering trees, free flowing streams and great topography. The ranch also boasts the approximately 15 acre Lake Lucy, numerous springs, timber and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Keechi Creek Wildlife Management Area as its southern neighbor.

Location:       The property is located in the northeastern portion of Leon County approximately 14 miles east of Buffalo, TX. The ranch entrance is located on CR 236 approximately 4.8 miles south of FM 831.

Habitat & Topography:

The ranch is predominantly woodland with numerous species of oak (including Post Oak, Overcup Oak and Water Oak), old growth pines, American Holly, Sweetgum, American Elm, a few cedar and others. The understory is thick with Yaupon, Dogwood and many other shrubs and vines. With over 110’ of relief, numerous drainages, hilltops and ridges, this ranch has extraordinary opportunities for water development projects geared to wildlife and waterfowl including several locations well suited for additional lake sites and flooded timber for waterfowl.

Wildlife, Hunting:

The property supports populations of white-tailed deer, waterfowl, feral hog, dove, turkey, squirrel and swamp rabbit, not to mention varmints and non-game species. There are numerous clearings, lanes and feeder locations for big game hunting and the lake provides waterfowl hunting opportunities.


The approximately 15 acre Lake Lucy is estimated to be 18 feet deep in places and offers fantastic fishing and waterfowling opportunities. The lake has been stocked with Black Bass, Florida Strain Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass and forage fish.


The ranch is very natural and not improved other than the lake, a couple of clearings, a screen porch shelter near the lake, an older hunting camp, another cabin in need of repair, a small storage shed, and ample roads /crossings.


Available near several property lines

Plantation Timber: 

A small portion of the property was planted with fast growing pines with an estimated harvest potential as early as 2023 and earlier pulp wood thinning around 2016-17.


The primary neighbor to the south is Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Keechi Creek Wildlife Management Area. The WMA, historically a part of the Recassa Ranch until 1986, is 1500 acres of bottomland hardwood forest that includes the confluence of Keechi and Buffalo Creeks. It was purchased to preserve the bottomland hardwoods and for use as a waterfowl management area.       Given its status as a WMA, this neighboring property is expected remain pristine and undeveloped, an added benefit, offering extensive wildlife habitat along southern boundary.

Minerals:      Surface Only

Recassa Ranch

Leon County, Centerville, TX

1,380+/- Acres

Property Sold
Jun 14th, 2019
$3,443,624 (Asking Price)