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Twin Springs Ranch - Houston County, Grapeland, TX

Twin Springs Ranch is highlighted by an incredible mixture of elevation as well as two year-round springs that flow across the property. There is over 130' of difference in elevation spread across the ranch with stunning views in places that allow you to see for miles. The majority of the property is forested with multiple openings and fields that are strategically scattered throughout. There have been a number of habitat improvement projects taken place that benefit everything from the native pollinators to the white-tailed deer. The ranch has great access boasting more than 7 miles of interior roads.


Located directly off of County Rd 2159. 10 miles north of Crockett, TX.

Topography, Rangeland & Habitat

Twin Springs Ranch is a mixture of ridges and valleys that provide a wide array of elevation as you travel across. In the valleys where the springs run there is a good mixture of hardwood trees. On the ridges are mostly planted pine trees with a native brush understory. Multiple habitat improvement projects have taken place including a large area that has been restored into an oak savannah. These 20 acres have undergone heavy brush management opening the ground floor back up for native grasses and flowers. The results have been phenomenal both from an aesthetic perspective as well as the increase in the full spectrum of wildlife using the area. A portion of the timber has undergone prescribed fire and the native plants that have re-sprouted provide both excellent cover and forage. There are several areas that would be excellent sites for pond or even large lake construction if so desired. The entire ranch is high and dry with no flood plain.


White-tailed deer, hogs, doves, squirrels, ducks, and all manner of other native wildlife can be found on the property.


160 acres +/- are planted timber that is at an age that is harvestable. This acreage could be either: thinned to create more habitat, completely harvested for either re-planting or re-purposing, or it could be left to grow longer. The remaining acreage is primarily forested in a mixture of native hardwoods and pines. The property is completely ag exempt under a timber exemption.


There is a small hunting cabin at the front of the property that has both water and electricity.


City water is located on the property and comes in from the County Rd. There are currently no water wells on the property.


Electricity is located on the property and runs in from the County Road.

Twin Springs Ranch

Houston County, Grapeland, TX

344± Acres

Property Sold
Dec 22nd, 2022
$1,860,000 (Asking Price)