Clear Springs Ranchette - Kerr County, Kerrville, TX

The Clear Springs Ranchette is made up of undeveloped tracts out of the Clear Springs Ranches Estates subdivision just outside of Kerrville, TX. This ranchette offers a new owner the opportunity to develop a private residential estate or further develop the property using the multiple tracts.

Key Attributes


The Clear Springs Ranchette is located at 1725 Scott Road S (aka Upper Scott Road) and about 5 miles from the Kerrville HEB. Based on the subdivision plat, it appears there is access as well off of Calcote Road on the west side.

Topography, Rangeland & Habitat

The ranchette has approximately 100 feet of topographical relief and includes one drainage and upland areas adjacent to the drainage. Tree cover typical of the hill country including live oaks, Spanish Oaks, cherry, juniper and other species of trees, brush and grasses make the ranchette an attractive refuge for wildlife and humans alike.


This part of the Texas Hill Country enjoys populations of wildlife including white-tailed deer, turkey, some quail, feral hogs, other free ranging exotics as well as predators.


The ranchette is unimproved.


The majority of the property is within the Aqua Texas water service area.

Co-listed with Schneider Land Services, LLC

Clear Springs Ranchette

Kerr County, Kerrville, TX

16± Acres