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Enchanted Rock Ranch - Llano County, TX

The Enchanted Rock Ranch in Llano County, Texas, is one of the most unique and special ranch properties available today. It is located in the heart of the granite country of Texas, an area rich in history, and adjacent to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. The ranch offers breathtaking scenery, fantastic hunting, both sides of Crabapple Creek, lakes, ponds and a LEED certified custom home; all highlighted by the spectacular granite outcrops, topography and extremely productive habitats and rangeland.

Location: The ranch is located along the north side Hwy 965 east of the state park and about 20 miles out of Fredericksburg, a community known worldwide for both its history and culture. Fredericksburg can be reached easily via either Highway 965 or Highways 965 and 16. Both San Antonio and Austin are about a 1.5 hours drive to/from the ranch.

Topography, Terrain and Habitats: This fantastic ranch has beautiful topography with elevations ranging from 1200 feet to over 1500 feet with high points located on several different portions of the ranch. The ranch’s terrain and varied habitats offer something for everyone and make this ranch a year round recreational paradise! The surrounding countryside provides spectacular views of several area landmarks including Enchanted Rock, Graze Mountain, Watch Mountain, Dutch Mountain and Bullhead Mountain! The ranch has several varieties of habitats and plant communities including oak woodlands, mesquite grasslands, the Crabapple Creek floodplain and the unique and incredible granite features! Surrounding the granite outcrops, the ranch has predominantly highly productive sandy loam soils. These various habitats support: trees such as post, live and blackjack oak, black hickory, Texas persimmon, mesquite, elm, sycamore, pecan, hackberry, and soapberry; diverse brush species including agarita, whitebrush, white buckeye and prickly pear; plus a diverse variety of grasses and forbs supporting abundant wildlife populations in concert with a planned grazing program for cattle.

Wildlife and Hunting: Wildlife species that can be found on this ranch include white-tailed, axis and fallow deer, turkey, dove, quail, aoudad, other exotics, feral hogs, waterfowl, varmints and songbirds. The ranch is predominantly low fenced with mutli-thousand acre neighbors, although there is some existing high fence. Hunting is done both with traditional blinds and feeders, but the terrain really lends itself to stealthy spot and stalk opportunities for deer and the free ranging Aoudad Sheep, arguably the toughest big game animal in Texas. The native white-tailed deer population has been managed over the last 14 years by managing population densities, doe/buck ratios and age structures to yield a high quality herd in an extensive management environment. 13 hunting blinds (2 are older) and 13 feeders will convey with sale, along with bulk feed silo and trailer with corn blower located on ranch.

Improvements: “The Main House” was designed by Furman+Keil Architects. It is a custom single story home with 4,990 SF of air conditioned space and another 2,789 SF of non-conditioned pace. The home is Silver LEED certified to use as little electricity as possible. It is also pre-wired for solar. The main section of the home includes a master bedroom, large bathroom and substantial walk in closet; plus two additional bedrooms, each with full bathrooms. This section also includes the kitchen (made for cooking and entertaining), dining area, living area, large screened porch, office, utility room, gunroom, outdoor grill and storage. Crossing an outdoor breezeway (dog run), the guest section has two guest quarters; each with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. The house is designed to be used by a single family or a crowd, as much as needed on any occasion, with efficiency and low maintenance. “Foreman’s House”- The foreman’s residence, located near the SW corner of the ranch is a late model double-wide modular home with porches and shaded by Live Oaks. Adjacent to the home are a couple of nice barns/sheds and a shop area for ranch operations and storage. “Game Cleaning Area”- The game cleaning area is centrally located on the ranch with two walk-in coolers each equipped with handling equipment and a butchering/work area between them, all covered. Adjacent is a covered parking area for hunting vehicles and other equipment. The Game Cleaning Area has electrical power and its own water well.

Water: The ranch has over a mile of both sides of Crabapple Creek that typically flows most of the year, with several deeper holes supporting healthy fisheries. There are two larger lakes (5-6 acres each) stocked and ready for fishing and some thirteen stock ponds utilized by wildlife and cattle alike. The ranch has 3 operating water wells servicing the Main House and grounds, Foreman’s house and related facilities, and the game cleaning area, respectively.

History: Much of the country in this area was once part of the expansive Moss Ranch, a portion of which was sold years ago and eventually resulted in the establishment of the state park. The region has a rich history with humans having camped in the area for some 12,000 years. “E Rock” has fascinated humans for thousands of years. As a result, it has inspired many stories that endure today. Most of these are rooted in fancy rather than fact. Tonkawa Indians thought that ghost fires flickered on top of the dome. The odd creaking and groaning coming from the dome frightened them. But don’t worry! Geologists say that the dome creaks and groans as temperatures change. As for the ghost fires, the rock glitters on clear nights after rain. Scientists think the glittering is reflections from collected water or wet feldspar. One intriguing piece of factual history occurred when legendary Texas Ranger and surveyor Captain Jack Hays was surveying the near the rock in 1841. Indians attacked Hays and a group of men. Cut off from the others, Hays climbed the rock and holed up in a depression at the summit. He fought off his attackers for three hours, before his companions came to his aid.

Other: Furniture, Rolling Stock and Ranch Equipment are negotiable. Trophy mounts and other personal property are not for sale. For adventures after dark, please note that the neighboring state park is now a Gold-Tier International Dark Sky Park (for more information contact the International Dark Sky Association). This designation provides positive influences on the area when it comes to enjoying Texas’ night skies!

Taxes: Currently taxes assessed at Agricultural Value, where applicable.

Minerals: Seller to convey all owned mineral estate.

Enchanted Rock Ranch

Llano County, TX

4,500± Acres

Property Sold
Nov 13th, 2015
$19,350,000 (Asking Price)