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Off-Market Burnet County - Burnet County, Burnet, TX

The ranch consist of a series of creeks, draws and tributaries heading west to east and eventually entering into the upper reaches of Lake Buchanan. Grey Mountain on the northern portion of the ranch, sits high above the Colorado River valley, which is now the northern portion of Lake Buchanan providing amazing views of the lake and scenic hill country.

There is a cave on the property home to millions of Mexican free-tail bats. According to the owner, the cave was once utilized during war times to harvest bat guano to use as a component for gunpowder.

The ranch is home to springs and seeps that continued to flow strong even during the worst of droughts. In fact, the current owner has often used these springs to water their livestock!

Off-Market Burnet County

Burnet County, Burnet, TX

2,282± Acres

Property Sold
Dec 28th, 2021
$20,000,000 (Asking Price)