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Rio de las Nueces Ranch - Uvalde County, Uvalde, TX

Rio de las Nueces Ranch is an impressive year-round property with abundant recreational and agricultural opportunities in both riverfront bottomland and upland areas. The incredible old-growth live oak and pecan bottoms provide forage and cover for the wildlife that call the ranch home. The Nueces River offers unmatched beauty to enjoy with crystal clear water cascading and pooling as it meanders along the ranch’s 2,000’ of river frontage. The upland portion of the ranch offer fantastic hunting and grazing opportunities.


Rio de las Nueces Ranch is located 13 miles south of Camp Wood, TX and 25 miles north of Uvalde, TX making your HEB and feed store run only 25 to 30 minutes! The ranch is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes from San Antonio, TX and 4 hours and 30 minutes from the Houston area. 

Topography, Rangeland & Habitat

The river pasture of the ranch (54.38+/- acres) has a wonderful mixture of large old growth live oaks and larger than life pecan trees that fill the river bottom. These bottoms are teeming with wildlife and give the feeling that you never know what you’re going to see. There is simple and easy access to the waters edge for fun recreational activities. 

The upland west pasture  of the ranch (254.57 acres), includes  several seasonal tributaries of the Nueces that snake their way through the ranch creating grottos and prime upland riparian habitat. Approximately half of the ranch is covered in live oak motts and juniper woodlands while the other half of the ranch is more open pasture with mesquite. 


The ranch is home to an abundance of free ranging exotics and native game. Exotic game regularly seen on the ranch include blackbuck antelope, axis deer and feral hogs. The native game seen around the ranch include white-tailed deer, Rio Grande Turkey and various predators. Once upon a time there was a free ranging kangaroo living on the ranch!!!


The ranch is equipped with a nice set of working pens perfectly sized for the property. 


The river pasture of the ranch has  2,000’ of the Nueces River, a river spanning 315 miles and not explored in its entirety until the eighteenth century. The upper Nueces River is known today for its endless recreational activities. The flowing crystal clear waters make for amazing fishing, kayaking, camping, snorkeling and picnicking.

The ranch is equipped with 1 water well (electric/submersible). The groundwater on the ranch is readily available with area wells indicating good volume at shallow depths.


The west pasture of the ranch has electric service  (shown on map) currently providing service to the existing submersible water well.  Additional electrical service is along the highway frontage. 


Seller’s owned minerals, if any, are negotiable.

Area History

The Nueces River, named by the Spanish explorers “Rio de las Nueces”, meaning River of Nuts, spans 315 miles descending from the Edwards Plateau heading southeast draining into the Gulf of Mexico. The Nueces wasn’t fully explored until the 18th century and was the first Texas river to be given a prominent place on European maps.  Due to the inadequate mapping back in the 1600s, Spanish explorer René Robert Cavelier La Salle believed that the Nueces was actually the Mississippi River. Looking back to the 19th century, the Nueces became disputed territory as it was an important border during the Texas Revolution and the Mexican War. As these conflicts concluded the establishment of an international border along the Rio Grande through the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo helped tame the famed Nueces Strip. Later many settlers found their homesteads along the pecan-covered bottoms of the Nueces River. You can still find remains of these homesteads today.

Rio de las Nueces Ranch

Uvalde County, Uvalde, TX

309± Acres

Property Sold
Apr 10th, 2023
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