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Rockin T Hills Ranch - Gillespie County, Fredericksburg, TX

Key Attributes

Rockin T Hills Ranch is located in Northern Gillespie County 14 miles north of Fredericksburg, Texas. The ranch provides dramatic topography with mature hardwoods and spectacular views of Enchanted Rock and crabapple creek bottom. 

Topography, Terrain, and Habitats: This fantastic ranch has beautiful topography with elevations ranging from 1800 feet to over 1980 feet with high points located on several different portions of the ranch. The ranch’s terrain and varied habitats offer something for everyone and make this ranch a year-round recreational paradise! The surrounding countryside provides spectacular views of Enchanted Rock!

Wildlife and Hunting: Wildlife species that can be found on this ranch include white-tailed, turkey, dove, aoudad, feral hogs, varmints, and songbirds.

Water: The property has one water well which is hooked up to an old windmill. It is believed to be around 100 feet deep. There is also a spring on the property which has a spring box.

History: The region has a rich history with humans having camped in the area for some 12,000 years. “E Rock” has fascinated humans for thousands of years. As a result, it has inspired many stories that endure today. Most of these are rooted infancy rather than fact. Tonkawa Indians thought that ghost fires flickered on top of the dome. The odd creaking and groaning coming from the dome frightened them. But don’t worry! Geologists say that the dome creaks and groans as temperatures change. As for the ghost fires, the rock glitters on clear nights after rain. Scientists think the glittering is reflections from collected water or wet feldspar. One intriguing piece of factual history occurred when legendary Texas Ranger and surveyor Captain Jack Hays was surveying the near the rock in 1841. Indians attacked Hays and a group of men. Cut off from the others, Hays climbed the rock and holed up in a depression at the summit. He fought off his attackers for three hours before his companions came to his aid.

Taxes: Currently taxes assessed at Agricultural Value

Rockin T Hills Ranch

Gillespie County, Fredericksburg, TX

496 Acres

Property Sold
Jan 30th, 2019
$2,567,215 (Asking Price)