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Valdina Ranch North - Medina County, D'Hanis, TX

Reduced Price! The Valdina Ranch is the house pasture of the historic Valdina Farms, located in the sought after transition country, where the Hill Country meets South Texas. Valdina Farms was an 18,000-acre ranch established in the early 1900’s by Mr. E.F. Woodward. The ranch has a rich and colorful past full of interesting stories. Some even include lost mines and hidden treasure. The Valdina Ranch being offered includes rich bottomlands surrounding parts of the Seco and Parker Creeks. The ranch has an abundance of majestic oaks and expansive vistas. The main house, built in the late 1950’s, is located on a high point looking with spectacular views. 

Location: The ranch is located in Medina County approximately 18 miles north of D’Hanis Texas. It is accessed off of CR 111 from Hwy. 1796.

The Land: The ecoregion is what locals call “The Transition Area,” land situated between the Texas Hill Country and the south Texas Plains. The habitat is a mix of south Texas brush, persimmon, granjeno, cenizo, kidneywood, mesquite, cedar elm, hog plum, juniper, and oaks. The ranch offers unique topography with elevation changes of over 200 feet. Deeper soils in the bottom country allows for food plots while the hill tops offer scenic views. The Seco Creek is a locally famous seasonal creek that has unique rock outcrops and spectacular flash floods. Overall, the land offers a beautiful setting for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Wildlife: The ranch is home to a variety of wildlife. It has native species like white-tailed deer, dove, and quail. It also has exotics like Auodad, and Feral Hogs. An abundance of songbirds, hawks, and owls call this area home as well.

Improvements: The main house of the ranch built in the late 1950s is located on one of the highest hills on the ranch. The home is reported to be in excess of 15,000 sq. feet. It has many unique features describe in a summary of the history of the ranch. The scenic location of the house offers a new owner the opportunity to remodel, update, or rebuild at the site. Other improvements include a high fence, bridged crossing, and a paved road to the main house.

Water: The ranch currently has 5 water wells allowed by the conservation easement. The major water formation is believed to be the Edwards Aquifer. One well in the northern portion of the ranch is believed to be in the glen rose formation. The Edwards wells are believed to be drilled to a depth of approximately 500’.

History: The Valdina Ranch is rich in history. Mr. E. F. Woodward established the ranch after finding wealth in the Texas oil industry. His grandson, Robert R. Woodward, took over the ranch after his death and continued to develop the ranch. The property was originally part of a Spanish land grant in the Castro Colonies. Two brothers supposedly lived on the ranch and operated a mine. Local stories had them hiding treasures, but the location was lost forever because they were killed by Indians.

Additional Information: The ranch has a City of San Antonio conservation easement in place to help protect the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone. The ranch has 2 permitted building sites, 5 permitted water wells, and the property can be divided once. The easement specifics are available on request. Further, the property is located in a Texas Parks and Wildlife CWD zone.

Price: $5,073,285 ($1,995 per acre)

Valdina Ranch North

Medina County, D'Hanis, TX

2,543+/- Acres

Property Sold
Aug 14th, 2020
$5,073,285 (Asking Price)