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Pendleton Porter Ranch - Montague County, St. Jo, TX

Pendleton Porter Ranch is situated in one of the most scenic and historic areas of North Texas. In fact, this ranch has remained in the family since Pendleton Porter settled in the area around 1860! The property's mixed hardwood timber and undergrowth exemplifies the best of the Cross Timbers ecoregion. This ranch feels mostly untouched aside from the recently cut trails through the woods which provide great access. Local wineries, scenic rolling hills and beautiful pastures make this such an attractive location to be in, especially when you consider it's only an hour and a half from the Metroplex.

Topography, Rangeland & Habitat

The ranch is predominantly wooded with a mixture of post oak, wild plums and pecans. Several clearings with native grasses give the ranch a great balance. Cottonwood Creek runs through the property and is lined with large hardwoods and serves as a terrific wildlife corridor.


Deer, hogs, and turkey can be found on the property. 


The ranch has a water well.


There is electricity on the property.

Area History

Pendleton Porter was one of the original settling families of Montague County and this ranch has remained in the family ever since!

Pendleton Porter Ranch

Montague County, St. Jo, TX

102± Acres

Property Sold
Aug 22nd, 2023
$1,025,000 (Asking Price)