Double M Homestead - Hamilton County, Hamilton, TX

The Double M Homestead sits in the rolling hills just north of Hamilton, Texas. This ranch boasts breathtaking views of North/Central Hamilton county. Deep draws cut through the ranch; these draws come to life in the wet months. The deer population has had minimal pressure over the year, and the owners have done a fantastic job building a robust deer herd. This 198-acre tract offers so much currently, with the ability to develop it further into a phenomenal game ranch.


The ranch is 3 miles North of Hamilton in Hamilton County. The ranch is accessed from CR210. From CR210, there is a short ±2100 ft easement to the ranch gate.

Topography, Rangeland & Habitat

The topography is fantastic on the Double Homestead. There are several hilltops with fantastic views to the North. The topography ranges from 1180 to 980 feet above sea level. The habitat on the ranch consists of ash juniper, oaks, elms, and pecans. The owner has done several ash juniper management projects opening up trails and clearing sections of the plateaus. There is a great cover for wildlife and good accessibility around the ranch. Down in the bottom is a mature native pecan grove filled with beautiful old pecan trees.


The White-tailed Deer population is abundant across the ranch. The owners have been very selective of the deer taken over the years and have worked hard to be good stewards of the native deer. It has been several years since they have taken any large bucks.


A ranch-style home sits on a high hill with a 180-degree view of the surrounding countryside. The home was built in 2001; it is 2,866sq. ft., with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The kitchen, living room, and dining room sit in the middle of the home, with two bedrooms, an office on one wing, and the master bedroom on the opposite side of the home. The backyard is a wonderful oasis with a pool, pergola, poolside cabana, and dog run. Next to the home sits a 2,000 sq. Ft., barn with 1,000 sq. Foot overhang on the side for storing additional equipment and implements.


During wetter years, the ranch comes alive with seeps and trickling wet weather creeks. The owner has built a pond in the pecan bottom that has done well through the drought to hold water for wildlife.


Electricity is found at various places throughout the ranch.

Double M Homestead

Hamilton County, Hamilton, TX

198± Acres