Bauer Ranch - Goliad County, Goliad, TX

Bauer Ranch is a beautiful South Texas cattle and hunting ranch. There is brand new perimeter fencing and cross fencing with galvanized T-posts, six-inch wood posts and good working pens with the ranch divided into four pastures. Good roads have been maintained with a dozer and maintainer with good drainage.

Location: The ranch is two miles off the highway with a very good road into ranch. The road in is a deeded and recorded easement.

Hunting & Wildlife: The ranch has not had any hunting pressure with just the family hunting it a few times. Good white-tailed deer, quail, doves, plenty of hogs and a very large population of turkey. Check out a drone video of the turkey population here. 

Habitat: Nice oak motts of trees, good brush and lots of cover, make this a fabulous hunting or cattle ranch. The ranch has native grasses for grazing. 

Water: There are four water wells, three with solar panels and pumps and new concrete water troughs. 

Bauer Ranch

Goliad County, Goliad, TX

789 Acres