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Double Mustang Ranch - Webb County, Freer, TX

Key Attributes

The Double Mustang is a classic South Texas hunting property, located in an area known for trophy whitetails.  Blinds and feeders will convey, and you can be hunting this season.  An added bonus are the tremendous numbers of arrowheads to be found on this ranch.   

Location: Situated between Highway 44 and the Nueces River, the ranch is approximately 20 miles west of Freer and 30 miles east of Encinal in northeastern Webb County.

Habitat: The western portion of this ranch is gently rolling mesquite and grass country.  As you travel into the eastern portion, there is more relief and heavier, diverse, South Texas browse. 

Numerous tanks are dispersed across the ranch, and there is a water well that has not been equipped with a pump that could provide supplemental water.

A good system of roads and senderos provides access and shooting lanes across the property.

Wildlife: The ranch has been high fenced for many years, and improved genetics were introduced several years ago.  Per ownership, harvest has been limited to cull and management deer for several years.

Game on the ranch consists of deer, a few hogs and javelina.  The ranch has not been grazed in many years, and the grass and quail populations show it.  A nice mix of bobwhite and blue quail are found on the ranch.

Other: Included in the offering are nine quality tower blinds, corn and protein feeders, two storage containers, and an equipment shed. 

Asking Price: $2,735,000 ($1,689/acre).

Double Mustang Ranch

Webb County, Freer, TX

1,620+/- Acres

Property Sold
Sep 27th, 2021
$2,735,000 (Asking Price)