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Escondido Ranch - Zavala County, Crystal City, TX

The Escondido is a serious deer hunter’s ranch and was set up for that purpose 7 years ago. The ranch is situated on the western edge of the antler growing red dirt country in Zavala county just 10 miles east of Crystal City. The entire property has been high fenced for 7 years and is currently producing native 150+ class deer with indigenous food, protein feeders, and an extensive watering system.

Location: The property is accessed from Hwy 90 to the intersection of Hwy 83 in Uvalde, then traveling south on Hwy 83 to Crystal City. The location is approximately 110 miles southwest of San Antonio, 170 miles from Austin, and 270 miles from Houston via I-10 to Hwy 90. The land is midway between Eagle Pass and Dilley, Texas and is just north of Carrizo Springs. Access from Crystal City is via FM 582 east on an all-weather paved road a distance of 10 miles.

The Land: The Escondido Ranch features slightly rolling hills with elevation changes from 595’ to 670’. The soils vary from clay loam to more sandy loam, as well as patches of flint outcroppings on tops of hills. The property is basically covered with native South Texas brush consisting of mesquite, guajillo, prickly pear, persimmon, and native grasses. The property is surrounded on the south and west sides by the 18,000 acre Tortuga Ranch and on the north side by the 10,000 acre Holsworth Cattle Company Ranch. Smaller tracts border the eastern boundary. The ranch is a secluded property and affords the owner privacy and noise free environment in the South Texas brush country.

Water Amenity: The Escondido Ranch is positioned on the large Carrizo Aquifer and currently one well alone produces 275 GPM powered by a diesel pump which feeds a 4 acre lake. In addition, water is provided to the house with a separate well estimated at 15 GPM. The owner has also installed an extensive water pipe system of over 1 mile of 3” water lines that services 5 different water tanks throughout the ranch. There are 5 other major man-made tanks full of water scattered throughout the ranch. Due to the large aquifer in the area, this county has numerous farms with Del Monte Produce Company that has a plant in Crystal City processing various vegetables.

Wildlife: Heavily protein fed for the last 7 years, the ranch has produced deer ranging from 130 – 175 class. The latest deer survey taken by TPWD in November 2014 showed 166 deer on 2,495 acres with 39 bucks, 57 doe, and 20 fawns. There is an MLD III program on the ranch approved by TPWD. In addition to a healthy deer population, there is an abundance of quail due to excellent rains this year. Outstanding dove shooting is available around the various tanks scattered throughout the ranch. Wild hogs, javelinas, some turkeys and varmints are on the property as well. Two of the larger tanks have been stocked with bass. The current owner has allowed some cattle grazing to provide for an AG exemption and grass management.

Improvements: The property was completely high fenced in 2007 with a quality deer-proof fence plus solid pipe entrances. Also in 2007 a new 4 bedroom, 2 bath lodge was constructed with approximately 2,250 SF of living area and an additional 3,500 SF of covered, attached barn area.

The owner will retain all blinds and feeders, lodge furniture, walk-in cooler, deer hoist, rolling machines and tractor equipment. A large bulk feeder located near the barn will remain. There is also a set of deer breeder pens that will remain on the property.

Minerals and Production: Current owner does not own any minerals so they are not available. There are 5 wells on the property but are no longer very active.


Escondido Ranch

Zavala County, Crystal City, TX

2,495 Acres

Property Sold
May 18th, 2016