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Medio Reserve Ranch - Refugio County, Refugio, TX

This property is truly exceptional and boasts a comprehensive array of features. As you approach the ranch, you will be greeted by stunning old growth mesquite trees on your right and a South Texas dove field on your left, creating an idyllic first impression. Beyond the mesquites lies Medio Creek, a thriving hub of wildlife activity. At 480 acres, this ranch represents exceptional value and is unrivaled in the local market. The creek is flanked by magnificent trees and expansive meadows, creating an enchanting landscape. Moving further into the property, you will encounter the old headquarters, which is steeped in history and boasts working pens and a selection of historic structures.


Medio Reserve Ranch is situated just outside the vibrant town of Refugio. Within a short 10-minute drive, you can find ample amenities such as the H-E-B and Whataburger. For those craving a coastal escape, the coveted destination of Rock Port is only a 40-minute drive away, offering endless opportunities for relaxation and adventure. Furthermore, Houston is 2 hours and 30 minutes, while Corpus Christi is only a short 1-hour drive.

Topography, Rangeland & Habitat

The ecological diversity found on this ranch is truly remarkable! Along the banks of Medio Creek, you’ll discover towering trees nourished by the fertile soils, creating a lush environment. Venturing southwards, you’ll encounter expansive oak motts and ancient mesquite trees, adorned with an abundance of native grasses that blanket the ranch. This exceptional habitat is ideal sanctuary for wildlife.


The presence of Medio Creek as one of the borders of the ranch significantly contributes to the abundant wildlife diversity found here. White-tailed deer, turkey, dove, quail, and hogs are just a few of the numerous species that call this place home. Furthermore, the ranch’s advantageous location offers the added benefit of being only a 40-minute drive from Rockport, renowned for its exceptional waterfowl hunting opportunities. It’s worth noting that the ranch remained unhunted during the deer seasons spanning from 2020 to 2023, and with the plentiful rainfall experienced this spring, it is poised to yield magnificent deer in the upcoming fall season.


The ranch’s infrastructure, while minimal, provides essential amenities and functionality. It features a water well, historic cattle working pens and a collection of storage buildings conveniently located near the old headquarters. For efficient management and rotational grazing, certain pastures are divided by cattle fences. However, the standout feature among the improvements is the well-maintained network of roads. These excellent roads facilitate easy access to nearly every corner of the property.


Water is a remarkable feature of this ranch, offering a multitude of possibilities. With an impressive 1,520 feet of Medio Creek frontage on the north side, the property enjoys direct access to this beautiful waterway. Additionally, a new pond has been recently constructed near the headquarters, enhancing the water resources on the ranch. Just around the corner, an artesian well awaits, conveniently plumbed and ready for use with a simple turn of the valve. The water potential on this ranch is truly endless.


There is electricity in multiple places on the ranch.

Medio Reserve Ranch

Refugio County, Refugio, TX

480± Acres

Property Sold
Jul 25th, 2023
$2,650,000 (Asking Price)