Patron Ranch - Jim Wells County, Premont, TX

The Patron Ranch is an amazing piece of land that the owner has meticulously created into a hunting paradise for quail, deer, dove, turkey, and waterfowl. 1,250 acres of the ranch have been carefully developed into mixed motted land with a huge diversity of native grasses and forbs to maximize the quail habitat in the sandy soils. The remainder of the ranch has been left in old-growth brush as a refuge for the well-managed high-fenced deer herd. Multiple dove ponds have been built that have created one of the best dove-hunting properties we have ever seen. A large lake is centered on the property with tremendous waterfowl habitat. Located just far enough away from Hwy. 281 has no road noise but is close enough to get to town in just minutes.


The property is just over 5 miles north of Premont and has frontage on County Road 433 just a couple miles west of Hwy 288. It is only 13 miles from Kleberg County Airport.

Topography, Rangeland & Habitat

Approximately 70%± of this property is native grasslands with motted brush islands left at just the right distances to create outstanding quail habitat to maximize the potential of this ranch. A tremendous variety of native grasses further creates an exceptional environment for bob-white quail to thrive. The soils are sandy and sandy loam over most of the ranch, with some heavier soils along the creek.

The remainder of the ranch is primarily an old-growth brush of primarily black brush, mesquite, Texas persimmon, and catclaw. It has created a refuge for wildlife that utilize the thick brush for cover.

Salado Creek runs through the middle of the property and there are large bull mesquites, elms, anaqua, and a few oak trees creating a riparian habitat along the creek.


The ranch is high-fenced and has a well-managed white-tailed deer herd under an MLD license. The turkey population is thriving here with mature trees that create excellent roosts. Quail hunting on the ranch is fantastic. Native grasses with both natural and created motts that are ideal for chasing quail with dogs and trucks.

Dove hunting on this ranch is one of the best in Texas. A 15,000± acre farm is on the northern boundary of this ranch and a large percentage of the farm is given to growing sunflowers. Clouds of both white-wing and mourning dove fly over this ranch all season.

Literally amazing numbers of birds. Waterfowl hunting is also exceptional here, with ducks, geese, and cranes being frequent visitors to the multiple lakes and ponds on the ranch.


An excellent road system is set up on the property and several blind/feeder areas are already in place. Two new barns have been built and electricity has been brought into this area ready for a new lodge to be built. The property has put in over 35,000’ of brand-new fencing to utilize cattle rotation to improve the quail habitat. Fenced lanes were built to be able to move cattle throughout the ranch for ease of rotation and penning. Each pasture has water piped to them. There are 7 separate pastures that have been created.


Surface water on this ranch includes multiple ponds and lakes, with the largest being 4 acres. Salado Creek runs through the middle of the ranch and tends to hold water in several locations most of the year.

Groundwater here is excellent and high-volume wells can be drilled here. The ranch sits over the Gulf Coast Aquifer and most wells are 300’ – 400’ deep. Currently, two new deep wells have been drilled and hooked up to electricity, the other two wells are currently on windmills.

Besides the larger lake on the property, a new lined lake has been built where the housing site is to be located. Four new dove lakes have been built that are also lined, along with two other good dove ponds that have good clay. All the lakes have water lines from wells run to them.


No minerals are available with this ranch. There is no production on the ranch.

Patron Ranch

Jim Wells County, Premont, TX

1,775± Acres