Rancho La Luna - Jim Hogg & Starr Counties, Hebbronville, TX

Located in one of the greatest native bobwhite quail counties in Texas is the Rancho La Luna. As you enter the ranch, you will immediately understand why this ranch produces such great populations of quail and why the ranch’s guests hope to plan their next trip the moment they leave. With tremendous stands of dense bunch grasses among the scattered native brush, you can imagine the long days spent on the quail rig watching the dogs work the wind. Although the ranch is centered around quail hunting, the owners have built a wonderful population of exotics animals and whitetail deer to enjoy from a hunting and viewing prospective. From quail and dove to exotics and whitetail, this ranch has it all for high end enjoyment and entertainment.


Located in southern Jim Hogg County and northern Starr County south of Hebbronville, Texas is Rancho La Luna. Corpus Christi is 145 Miles to the northeast; San Antonio is 196 Miles to the north and McAllen is 82 Miles to the southeast.

Access is via county-maintained Javelina Road, which is an all-weather road that extends south from FM 649.  A bonus is the airport in Hebbronville which can land planes of almost any size including large jets.

Topography, Rangeland & Habitat

Rancho La Luna has a good mix of gently rolling terrain allowing for vistas of the far horizons and beautiful sunsets. The soils are comprised of 80% fine sandy loam, perfect for producing the grasses bobwhite quail desire to nest, loaf and forage in. The remaining soil complex is 10% clay loam and 10% loam. The fine sandy loam soils on the ranch are so beneficial to the habitat, that the recruitment rate of invasive brush species is much lower than the tighter soil such as clay and loamy clay. The brush on the ranch is a quality mix of native brush species desired for deer and exotics.  The brush is scattered or motted except in riparian and the bottoms areas.

As a supplement, attractant and forage value, there are several large food plots that are planted annually for dove and big game. Wheat, lucina and dove mixes do well in the sandy loam soils on the ranch.


As you enter the ranch you will understand why quail is king on the property. The ranch is located on the southwestern end of the South Texas sand sheet and has the soils for great populations of bobwhites. On a ranch this size, you could hunt the pastures on a weekly rotation throughout the season. Although the quail are paramount on this property, the current owner very much enjoys hunting safari style and has breeding populations of excellent exotic species. The ranch supports healthy numbers of eland, wildebeest, gemsbok, scimitar, blesbok, blackbuck, addax, warthog, fallow, axis, nilgai, zebra, bison and sable. With this mix of species, you could hunt them commercially for a source of revenue, trap and sell live animals or utilize them for recreational hunting. A mix of all the above is possible with the bonus of photo and viewing safaris. The deer population on the ranch is of high-quality genetics and is kept at a low density to support larger antler growth.

For further ranch recreation, the ranch has a very healthy population of turkey and other native game species such as javelina and predators.

Dove hunting around the food plots and water holes is fantastic on this ranch. Each year, dove and big game plots are planted to rotate fields and have exceptional dove hunting.


The compound on Rancho La Luna was built to entertain larger groups of guests who like to enjoy the camp life after a long day of hunting. There are 4 living structures in the compound that are built with hacienda-style adobe/stucco exteriors. The main home is 3 bedroom/2 bath with a larger kitchen to cook for the compound. The Tejas Casita is a master suite structure with 2 private master suites with kitchens in each. South Casita #1 is a 2 bedroom/1 bath casita with a kitchen and master bath, while South Casita #2 is a 1 bedroom/1 bath master casita with a kitchen. Lastly, the “barn” is a unique central entertainment area built for dining, games and camaraderie.  The compound has two main fire pit areas that all the hunters enjoy after a long day of chasing quail and big game.

There is another area of the compound that has been set up as an electric supply hub for future expansion.


Rancho La Luna is exceptionally well watered with 5 operable water wells that move water throughout the property. There are scattered water troughs as well as 6 ponds ranging in size from a 1/2 acre to 1.5 acres that are supplemented by the wells. Additionally, there are two water wells that are believed to be 6” in diameter that are capped with pumps downhole. All they need is a solar panel or electricity brought to them.


Electricity is abundant on the property.


This is a surface only sale.

Rancho La Luna

Jim Hogg & Starr Counties, Hebbronville, TX

4,435± Acres