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Santa Elena Ranch - Jim Hogg County, Agua Nueva, TX

The Santa Elena Ranch is a finely tuned quail focused ranch that has been maintained to maximize the quail hunting potential of the land over the entire acreage.  The ranch is entirely in the sand sheet and has miles of water lines and roads.  The road system was created to provide the perfect environment for the quail and for following bird dogs over the property in pursuit of gentleman bob.  The ranch is high fenced with quality deer, excellent dove hunting and beautiful improvements sitting on a small picturesque lake.

Location:      The ranch is located five miles southeast of Agua Nueva in southeastern Jim Hogg County.  The entrance is off of Hwy 755.

Habitat:         The Santa Elena Ranch is located in the South Texas sand sheet and is primarily rolling grasslands with mixed brush and mesquites naturally laid out in a motted fashion.  This land is dominated with native grasses and is well suited for fully utilizing a string of bird dogs on outings for quail.  All of the soils in this area are sandy or sandy loam that are key to providing exceptional habitat for quail nesting and reproduction.  While the brush has been designed to allow for access for quail rigs, there is still plenty to provide quality deer habitat in addition to loafing cover for the birds.                                 

Wildlife:         The primary quarry on the ranch is Bobwhite Quail.  The entire ranch is committed to maximizing quail habitat through brush management, no grazing, annual prescribed burns and water distribution.  This has created a ranch that allows for the highest quail production possible; regularly proven by the numbers of coveys located on daily hunts. 

                        Deer hunting on the ranch is excellent and with adequate native brush to provide excellent cover and food resources for white-tailed deer.  The ranch feeds protein year round.

There is a good turkey population on the ranch.

Dove hunting on the ranch is strongly supported by 7 small ponds that are supplemented by water wells. 

Improvements:                      The classic “Hacienda” Style Lodge on the ranch overlooks the small  lake, which is kept full via a high volume water well.  The lodge is approximately 3,700 square feet in size.  There are five bedrooms including a large master bedroom separate from the main lodge.  All rooms have private bathrooms.  There is an open den on one end of the lodge with kitchen between it and the  dining room.  A beautiful back porch overlooks the lake.

There is ranch managers house, a large barn, a huge set of dog pens and feed bins.

The ranch comes with plenty of equipment including tractors and implements, quail rig, trucks, etc.

There is a paved 5,000’ runway on the property for easy access.

Water:            This ranch sits over a very good aquifer and has excellent shallow groundwater.  Several of the larger wells near the house produce between 50 and 75 gpm.  There are also several windmills and there are miles of buried water pipes bringing water throughout the property.

Electricity:    Electricity is found at various places throughout the ranch. 

 Minerals:      No minerals are available with the sale and there is no production.

Santa Elena Ranch

Jim Hogg County, Agua Nueva, TX

4,944 Acres

Property Sold
Jun 17th, 2021
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