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Shouse Prairie Ranch - Goliad County, Goliad, TX

The Shouse Prairie Ranch is a large contiguous property just 5 miles southeast of Goliad and is one of the best examples of the coastal tallgrass southern prairie left in the country.  With excellent cross-fencing, roads, cattle pens and great water distribution the ranch is groomed for raising cattle, but also good deer and hog hunting with exceptional dove and good quail hunting.

Location:      The ranch is located on the south side of Highway 239, five miles southeast of Goliad, Texas.  The property includes just over two miles of highway frontage.

Habitat:     The Shouse Prairie Ranch is part of the Refugio-Goliad Prairie and an example of one of the last remaining portions of this tallgrass prairie left in Texas.  It is primarily a flat to slightly undulating property with excellent biological diversity of native grasses and forbs historically found throughout much of the range along the Texas coast.  These native grass complexes are well known for sustaining excellent cattle habitat, sustaining the current family owners for generations.  The soils are primarily a fine sandy loam covering about 90% of the property.  The property is mostly open country but does have some areas of heavier brush and small trees.

Wildlife:         Wildlife includes excellent populations of quail, dove, white-tailed deer and hogs.  The multiple smaller ponds are covered in waterfowl during the winter.  A unique feature of this part of the ranch is the voluntary work with Attwater’s Prairie Chicken.  Due to the ranches great biological diversity that still thrives on this native tall grass prairie, the owners have collaborated with multiple government and private organizations to enhance the diversity of the prairie habitat and wildlife.  This is one of the few places left where the Attwater’s Prairie Chickens can be found.

 Improvements:         The ranch includes a large equipment shed/shop/office complex, a new set of cattle pens, and excellent water distribution throughout the property.  The ranch is quality fenced into 9 separate pastures for rotating cattle.  All fences are in excellent condition with good gates and access across the entire pasture.  There is a good system of gravel based roads in place for easy access around the entire ranch.

Water:                        There are three working water wells in this pasture, the main well is a high-volume electric well that is piped throughout much of the ranch along with  a separate electric well and a solar well.  There are also three additional water wells located on the property that are currently not being used.  Groundwater is generally shallow (less than 300’) and plentiful and of excellent quality coming from the Gulf Coast Aquifer.  All nine pastures have good access to water for the cattle.

Minerals:      This sale is a surface estate sale only.  There are no oil & gas wells on this site (all previous wells have been properly plugged).

History:         The Shouse Ranch is part of the historic O’Connor ranches that has been a continuously owned and operated by family members for well over a century and a half.  Founded by Thomas O’Connor who had fought at the Battle of San Jacinto, the ranches grew to over 500,000 acres.  Part of the legacy of this famous cattle ranch was helping to develop the cattle which ultimately became the foundation of the Santa Gertrudis breed.  Currently, families of Mr. O’Connor’s descendants share ownerships of the land in different pastures.  The Shouse Ranch pastures have continued the legacy of Mr. O’Connor and run a well-established cow/calf operation to this day.

Price:             List price is $8,811,000 ($2,750/acre).

Shouse Prairie Ranch

Goliad County, Goliad, TX

3,204 Acres

Property Sold
Sep 8th, 2021
$8,811,000 Asking Price