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Spring Creek Ranch - Bee County, Skidmore, TX

Key Attributes

Spring Creek is a fantastic low fenced ranch surrounded by huge neighbors that is within a three hour drive from Houston. The ranch harbors a great herd of managed native white-tailed deer, a large number of turkey, ample semi-open country for bountiful quail hunting and is located in a great dove hunting area. The ranch includes frontage on the live Aransas River as well as almost three miles of Spring Creek river frontage on both sides. Improvements include a main lodge, several guest homes and a large barn. Some of the oldest and largest oak trees to be found anywhere in Texas are on this ranch.

Location:      The ranch is located in southern Bee County, 20 minutes south of Beeville.  1 hour to Corpus Christi, 2 hours to San Antonio, and less than 3 hours to Houston.  The ranch is accessed off of the dead end of a paved County Road and an easement road through neighboring ranch that is paved.

Habitat:         Spring Creek Ranch has a very diverse habitat across the ranch.  Approximately half of the ranch is primarily live oak country with a mix of South Texas brush understory and native grasses.  The live oak habitat follows primarily the Aransas River bottom, the Spring Creek bottom and several other smaller creeks running through the property.  The live oaks on this ranch are not your run of the mill oaks, but many are huge with one certified to be over 900 years old.  Further the large oaks are not limited to a few areas but cover the ranch. 

                        The other half of the ranch is unique for the area, being dominated by a forest of post oaks.  They form a thick forest that is mostly dominated with native grasses beneath the canopy with mixed opened areas.          

Wildlife:         The white-tailed deer on the property are abundant.  The ranch has been managed to allow for deer to age properly and they have native low fenced deer that are very good and regularly take deer over the 160 class.  The deer have lots of varied habitat to allow for them to thrive and the ranch is surrounded by huge ranches that  strictly adhere to managing the deer to promote an improved native deer herd.

                        Turkey hunting on this ranch is phenomenal, with multiple roosts along the Aransas River drainage and Spring Creek.  During my first visit to the ranch during the middle of the day, we saw hundreds of turkeys. 

                        As many people know, southern Bee County has been traditionally considered some of the best quail country in the State.  Grasses grow thick with intermittent brush to provide the ideal habitat for bobwhites and it is just open enough to run dogs and rigs around the property.  This area is premium quail country and due to higher rain totals (37” average) than much of south Texas, can be generally be a more consistent area for having successful quail hatches.

                        Dove hunting in this area of Bee County is very good with a lot of grain production to be found just a few miles south of the ranch.  Plenty of hogs and varmints are of course to be found on the property.

                        Fishing for catfish, bream and bass can be excellent along the river.

                        Spring Creek Ranch was built and designed to be managed for wildlife.  No cattle have been on the ranch for the past five years, and the majority of the interior fences have been removed (no gates to drive through on the ranch).

Improvements:  The main house is a ranch style home that sits nestled among a live oak forest.  The house is 4,000 sf 4-bedroom/4 bath with several porches and surrounds a nice swimming pool for cooling off during those September dove hunts.  Includes den, bar, game room, kitchen with eating area, dining room and several fireplaces.  Outside of the main house is a basketball court with small outdoor bar, a full first class skeet/trap range with high and low house as well as trap house.

                       There is a Satterwhite log home just outside of main house that is a 3-bedroom/2 bath for more guests housing.  Just up the road from the main house is a complex of another 3/2 log home with a 175’x75’ barn which includes tack room and set of dog pens.  There is also horse stables and riding ring found here.  Equipment includes tractor with implements, several trucks and ATV’s.

                      There are 5 Atascosa Executive Blinds on 20’ towers that are new and are located next to spin feeders and all blinds have extensive lanes developed into food plots.

                      Many of the homes have had extensive updating and improvements recently done on them and are all excellent shape.  There are over 6 miles of gravel roads on the ranch.

Water:            Spring Creek Ranch has multiple water features.  There is approximately a half mile of river frontage on the Aransas River.  The river is live water in this area and runs year-round and is generally clear with good fishing.  Although the property line is the center of the river, through agreements with the neighbor on the other side of the river, the owner of this ranch has usage on about 20 acres on the other side of the river, essentially gaining access to both sides of the river on all of the property(see map).

                        Spring Creek runs through along the west side of the property (the property line includes both sides of the creek) for almost three miles and generally is running in the winter and holds water most of the year.  Several small springs are also located on this creek.                    

                        The groundwater in this part of Bee County is shallow and of excellent quality. There are 4 active water wells on the property and several more wells that could be made active with proper equipment.

 Electricity:    Electricity is found around the main compound area and is run underground around the main lodge.

 Minerals:      Surface only.  There are multiple older gas wells on the property, but maintanance of these are limited and the gauger does not drive by the main compound.  Because they are not intrusive and provide miles of maintained gravel roads, I see the production as having a positive effect of the ranch.

Price:             Asking $3,650 per acre ($6,570,000).

Spring Creek Ranch

Bee County, Skidmore, TX

1,800 Acres

Property Sold
Dec 20th, 2019
$6,570,000 (Asking Price)