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Te Amo Mas Ranch - Frio County, Pearsall, TX

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Location:      Located less than 45 miles south of the I-10 & I-35 interchange in San Antonio, just north of Pearsall, the route to the ranch is highway almost all the way to the gate.  Approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes from Houston, and 40 minutes from San Antonio, the convenience of this ranch is exceptional for a brush country address.  Groceries, supplies, and fuel are minutes away.  Airport access for private plane travel is approximately 15 miles south down the interstate (McKinley Field, 5,027’ asphalt runway).

Habitat:          Two hills or ridges rise about 100’ above the Horse Creek tributary and drainage and provide fantastic views.  Topographical relief on the ranch ranch from +780’ to +650’.  Vegetation on the ridges is a heavier mix of guajillo, blackbrush, guayacan, brazil, and other typical species.  Mature bull mesquites, hackberry, and a few live oaks, along with good South Texas browse and grasses are thick in the lower areas.  The owner has opened up approximately 350 acres in mott and strip fashion to improve quail habitat and hunting.   The hills or ridges comprise just under 55% of the ranch with Hindes Yologo complex soils; the lower +45% of the ranch consists of various sandy clay loam soils and clay loam soils per USDA data.

 Wildlife:         This high-fenced ranch has been intensively managed for trophy sized whitetail deer since 2011.  Improved genetics, a feeding program, and selective harvest has produced some tremendous bucks.  The ranch participates in a neighborhood predator control program.  No feral hogs have been seen on the ranch since 2013.

This ranch has always had a good quail population, but the habitat improvements undertaken by the owner combined with three good years of rain have the ranch loaded with quail.  White winged dove and mourning dove hunts can be excellent, and turkey are plentiful.  At times, hundreds of ducks and geese cover the main lake.

Improvements:  Comfort, quality and practicality define the main house and headquarters facilties.  Situated atop one of the hills, the approximately 3,189 SF main house overlooks the main lake.  This 4-bed, 4.5-bath home includes a utility room, gun room, open concept kitchen, living, and dining area, and covered patio and carport and stone fire pit.  Completed in 2012, the house is in nearly new condition.  A 2-bed, 2-bath bunkhouse with living room and kitchen was added in 2016 to the barn.  Finish-out is similar in quality to the main house.  Excluding the living quarters, the barn is +2,400 SF, and includes an enclosed bay of approximately 1,250 SF accessed by overhead rollup door.  The cleaning area is on a concrete slab with stainless steel frame, electric hoists, and hot & cold water.

Water:            Water is provided by two wells in the Queen City aquifer.  Both are approximately 400’ deep and produce an estimated 5-10 g.p.m..  The main well at the house is solar powered, and feeds an 8,000 gallon concrete pila.  The second well is electric, and feeds five 300-gallon troughs scattered around the ranch.

The main lake on the ranch captures its water from an extensive drainage area (nearly entirely within in the ranch, so no concerns about a neighbor blocking runoff!), and is formed by a clay-core dam.  The lake was drained in 2013 and now has a depth in the pit of approximately 15 feet.  This lake, when full, is over 25 acres in surface area, and is typically about 8 – 10 acres. A small tank (about 1/2 ac.) is located downhill from the camp.  This tank is supplemented by a rain catchment system from the main house and barn piped to the tank, as well as the  overflow from the pila at the headquarters.  Both the lake and tank were stocked feeder fish in 2013 with largemouth bass in 2014.  The ranch sits atop both the Queen City and the prolific Carrizo Wilcox aquifers, so further enhancement of the water features of the ranch is possible by way of additional groundwater development, subject to the Evergreen Groundwater Conservation District Rules and permitting requirements.

Minerals:       There have been no wells and no oilfield activity on the ranch during the owner’s tenure.  The ranch is not leased and there is no production.  Per Railroad Commission maps, there are no pipelines crossing the property.  This offering and asking price include 25% of the owner’s minerals.

Other:            Included in the asking price are three 3-man Atascosa blinds (5’x7’x10’ tall) and 2 fiberglass blinds (10’ tall).  Nine feeders, including three Outback 3,000# feeders, one 2,000# Outback dually feeder, 2 Crossfire 900# protein feeders, and three crank-up style feeders are included.  The ranch also has an approximately  +4.5 acre soft release pen in the NW corner of ranch.  The ranch is a Class I release site for white-tailed deer.  With the exception of the owner’s taxidermy and a few personal items, the furnishings in the headquarters and bunkhouse are available but not included in the asking price


Te Amo Mas Ranch

Frio County, Pearsall, TX

1,058+/- Acres

Property Sold
Aug 14th, 2018
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