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Tres Arroyos Ranch - Duval County, TX

Key Attributes


Exceptional high fenced recreational and agricultural ranch appropriately named for the three predominant drainages that are on the ranch. Along with rolling hills covered in excellent south Texas brush, the ranch includes an extensive water distribution system benefitting both wildlife and livestock.

Location: The ranch is located located in southwestern Duval County approximately 27 miles driving distance SSW from Freer (a hub in deer circles) and 24 miles driving distance (NNW) from Hebbronville, TX, well known to quail enthusiasts.

Topography: The ranch has rolling hills falling off into various drainages including Macho Creek. The ranch boasts approximately 100’ of relief offering beautiful views of the ranch’s features as well as the surrounding countryside. The majority of the ranch is classic south Texas brush with large Hackberries and Mesquites along the arroyos.

Wildlife & Hunting: The ranch is high fenced and has abundant whitetails, quail (both Blue Quail and Bobwhite) and other species including a healthy roosting turkey population. The extraordinary water distribution system makes Tres Arroyos a mecca for birds. The water features support populations of game and non-game wildlife alike and provide needed habitat requirements for quail chicks. The ranch participates in Texas Parks & Wildlife’s MLDP program and in 2009 implemented a year round protein feeding program to further its deer management efforts. Brush manipulation has been implemented in certain pasture areas to enhance succession, edge and huntability.

Blinds and feeders included in asking price:

    •  8 Fiberglass Box Blinds on ten foot towers,
    •  1 Fiberglass Box Blind on five foot towers,
    •  5 Fiberglass Box Blinds on 2 foot stands,
    • 17 corn feeders (all working),
    • 3 protein feeders

Improvements (also see water related items below):

  • Fencing: The perimeter fence is a high fence (most of which was installed in 2005) and is in excellent condition and well maintained. There are two separately high fenced pastures (North Pasture is ~481 acres and the South Pasture is ~1827 acres)
  • Roads: Interior roads on the ranch are generally in good condition.
  • HQ: Headquarters includes:
    •   – Main House (double-wide modular plus porches installed in 2000), 3 BR, 2 BA
    •   – Lodge (triple-wide modular installed in 2008)
    •   – Annex (2BR/2BA) bunkhouse 3 or 4 BR, 2.5 BA
    •   – Storage, gun room and covered 6 vehicle parking
    •   – Skeet Range
  • Operations: Ranch Operations area includes:
    •   – Manager’s House (Singlewide)
    •   – Horse Barn (3 stalls)
    •   – Dog Kennels (12) with washout drainage and septic system.
    •   – Covered storage (12 “stalls”)
    •   – Tack Room
    •   – Walk In Cooler and Cleaning area
    •   – Feed Trailer
  • Cattle Pens                       

The ranch has an extensive water supply and distribution system including:

  •  – 5 water wells with submersibles;
  •  – 3 operating windmills;
  •  – Four water storage pilas (including one covered 20,000 gallon);
  •  – Approximately 10 miles of water distribution lines terminating in creeks, wetlands, tanks, ponds and troughs;
  •  – Approximately 46 water spigots strategically located to create wildlife oases/waterholes throughout ranch.
  •  – 2 larger tanks (one in South Pasture and one in North Pasture) and supplemented by water distribution; and
  •  – Nine livestock troughs.

Other: Household furnishings, rolling stock/equipment and livestock (if present) negotiable. Certain personal items in residences and hunting vehicles are not for sale.

Electricity: Yes

Minerals: Surface Only

Tres Arroyos Ranch

Duval County, TX

2,336± Acres

Property Sold
Mar 27th, 2013
$3,738,960 (Asking Price)