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Turkey Draw Ranch - Bee County, Berclair, TX

Key Attributes

The Turkey Draw Ranch is located just south of Highway 59 past Berclair. The ranch is mostly covered in brush with several creek drainages and is loaded with game. Deer, turkey, quail , dove and hogs are all abundant in this area and have been managed on this family owned and hunted ranch for the past 20 years. Along with the thick brush, there are tremendous live oaks, elms and hackberries along the creeks.

Location:         The ranch is located three miles south of Berclair and eleven miles north east of Beeville with the entrance being two miles south of 59, on Cobb Webb Road.  Cobb Webb Road is a paved dead end road so it is very private and in very good condition.

Habitat:            The Turkey Draw Ranch is located in the South Texas Brushland and is primarily mixed brush and mesquites and huisache with gently rolling terrain. All of the soils in this area are sandy or sandy clay loam, which are key to providing exceptional wildlife habitat. The creek bottom running along the northern portion of the property has huge stands of various hardwoods as well as large oaks found throughout the property. While the majority of the property is mixed heavy brush, there is a good understory of strong native grasses.

Wildlife:            The Turkey Draw Ranch is maintained with whitetails and bobwhite quail in mind. The entire ranch is well suited to maximize both grazing and recreational hunting habitat. It has been owned by the same family for decades and only occasionally hunted by the family.

Deer hunting is excellent with native brush to provide great cover and food resources for white-tailed deer. A seasonal creek, shrouded by large oaks and hanging Spanish moss, crosses the north west corner of the property, creating great areas of cover. With the abundance of forage and habitat, this low fenced ranch has produced some high quality deer, and the area is known for producing exceptionally good bucks.

Bobwhite quail populations remain strong with limited hunting pressure and brush management via quail strips on the southern portion of the ranch.

Populations of turkey are a common sight on the ranch with the creek bottoms providing multiple roosts.

Dove hunting on the ranch is supported by 4 small ponds and much of the adjacent property is in agriculture attracting thousands of doves to this area. Ponds are kept well mowed to make it ideal for classic tank hunting and larger mesquites are left in place around these ponds to make for landing areas.

Improvements:   Towards the back of the property, a 3 bed 2 bath mobile home with porch and firepit sits within a 1.2 acre fenced in yard. A barn and fuel tank are located behind the home. Protein and hanging feeders are located throughout the ranch and the exterior fences are in good condition.

Water:                 This ranch sits over a very good aquifer and has excellent shallow groundwater. There are 5 ponds on the ranch, four of which are serviced by an individual water well. A seasonal creek crosses the north east corner, providing ideal cover for wildlife and generally holds water in spots year round. Three of the water wells are serviced via solar panels while the fourth well at the hunting cabin is electric.

Electricity:         Electricity is brought to the main compound on the ranch and is found in several areas for easy access.

Minerals:            There is no current production on site.  A small portion of the mineral estate may be available with a proper offer.

Turkey Draw Ranch

Bee County, Berclair, TX

647 Acres

Property Sold
Mar 23rd, 2020
$2,329,200 (Asking Price)