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Rock House Ranch - Terrell County, Dryden, TX

The Rock House Ranch, a short distance west of the high bridge over the Pecos River, is located in an area full of Texas History and the remnants of the indigenous people that once called this unique region home. The terrain offers everything from gently rolling desert hills to a dramatic break of long deep draws and steep edges that lead to Thurston and Lozier Canyons. The ranch’s diverse topography and habitat provide many opportunities for both the recreational end user or working rancher alike.

Location:  Rock House Ranch is located on US Highway 90 just 24 miles west of Langtry, Texas and 12 miles east of Dryden, Texas in the southeastern quadrant of Terrell County. The ranch has approximately 2.5 miles of US Highway 90 frontage.

Habitat, Rangeland & Topography:

The landscape consists of a mixture of Edwards Plateau and gently rolling Chihuahuan Desert  providing habitat and rangeland for wildlife and livestock alike. This area of Texas has historically been home to extensive sheep and goat operations.  Today, the Rock House Ranch continues that rich history with a wildlife management component as well.

The terrain lends itself a healthy blend of topography and gently rolling hills. The confluence of Meyers, Thurston and Lozier Canyons takes place near the northeast corner of the ranch. This confluence of canyons creates a unique environment and landscape supportive of the native wildlife. The Union Pacific Railroad acts as the effective northern border of the ranch winding its way down Thurston Canyon eventually meeting Lozier Canyon where the tracks continue into the distance.

To the south, across the Rio Grande River, the view is a stunning panorama of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains in Mexico. These mountain views follow you as you traverse the ranch. 

Wildlife:  The native browse, grasses, forbs and succulents provide excellent forage  for the native wildlife species as well as livestock. Native wildlife species found on the ranch include white-tailed deer, mule deer, blue quail, Rio Grande Turkey and dove.

Water:  Rock House Ranch has an extensive water distribution system from the 4 water wells located across the ranch. The additional incorporation of large storage pilas, poly pipe and numerous  water troughs provides exceptional ranch wide distribution of water resources for wildlife, livestock and domestic uses. The ranch is equipped with 3 electric submersible water wells and one windmill.

Improvements:  Near the center of the ranch is the headquarters, which  includes the namesake “rock house”, a unique octagonal rock house, an adjacent quarters, a foreman’s home, a three sided equipment barn and a set of working pens.

The ranch is divided into 10 pastures ranging from small to very large in size with an adequate number of working pens strategically located across the ranch.

Minerals: A portion of Seller’s owned minerals, if any, are negotiable. In addition, portions of the ranch have State Classified Minerals and any rights associated with those State Classified Minerals will will convey to the Buyer.

Taxes: The ranch is taxed based on 1D1 Agricultural Valuation on its open space.

Asking Price: $3,489,624 or $300/acre.

Rock House Ranch

Terrell County, Dryden, TX

11,632 Acres

Property Sold
Apr 16th, 2021
$3,489,624 (Asking Price)